NY Jets Training Camp Will Be In NJ

The New York Jets released a statement today stating that training camp will be held in NJ this year.  Two years ago they moved from Hofstra, NY to SUNY Cortland.  When they built a state of the art training facility in Florham Park, NJ there was much speculation about that being their new training camp home.  Rex Ryan and staff wanted to get away, or so the story goes, and that is why the move to Cortland happened.

This is good news for NJ Jets fans, they will have free access to see the team practice throughout the summer.

Clay Hampton, senior director, operations, said that moving the team, staff and equipment from New Jersey to upstate New York is an extensive process that takes a number of weeks. With that timeframe in mind, the Jets have decided to stay at home this summer.

“Training camp is a collaborative effort that requires many different departments to work together to be successful,” said Hampton, “and staying at our facility gives us the best chance to accomplish that goal. This is a new operation, but with the template we have in place from OTAs and minicamps, we are prepared for this scenario.”

What do you think about this move?  Will you be going to see the New York Jets practice at Florham Park?  Let us know in our NY Jets forum.

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