Fantasy Football Start \ Sit (Win $300)

Last week was pretty rough with a 6-9 in the Underachievers and 4-5 in the Overachievers.   Before we get to the rankings, remember you can win $300 in a one week fantasy football league this weekend.  It is free to sign up.  Now, let’s get to the rankings;


  • Andy Dalton (22)-He has been solid and plays an awful Jaguar secondary
  • Mark Sanchez (12)-He gets to the Pats and with Holmes calling him out, I think he steps up on the road.
  • Eli Manning (10)-He is playing like a top QB1, Seattle is awful on the road, and this will get ugly.
  • Brandon Jacobs-(28)-I expect at least 1 TD.
  • Isaac Redman (24)-He will get all the snaps for Pitt and we should see a Ryan Matthews like game.
  • Jacoby Jones (27)-He should step in nicely for Andre Johnson with a solid game.
  • Aaron Hernandez (23)-He has practiced fully, get him back in your lineup.
  • Jared Cook (14)-He may be the #1 target with Britt out.


  • Matt Stafford (2)-The big deficits have helped his stats, I say the Bears pass defense slows down the Lions train.
  • Michael Turner (10)-The way to beat GB is through the air.
  • Frank Gore (12)-He had a nice 2nd half against the awful Eagle run defense, back to the grind.
  • Darren Sproles (15)-Yes he is involved but his scoring still has to be lucky.
  • Joseph Addai (18)-He has not shown to be a starting fantasy back.
  • Shonn Greene (23)-He has been awful, and the Pats are awful against the pass not withstanding what Rexy said he will do with the run this week.
  • Ben Tate (35)-Foster is now getting all the touches.
  • Knowshown Moreno (40)-He should be cut by fantasy owners; Lance Ball is getting more touches.
  • Wes Welker (2)-Yes you have to start him but Revis brings him back to earth and mortality.
  • Vincent Jackson (4)-He has barely practiced all week, a very shaky start.
  • Vernon Davis (4)- He has barely made a dent this year, don’t expect that to change against the tough Bucs.

Make sure you check your byes as the 1st group of 6 teams are off this week.  That is it for this week; we will be back early next week for the weekly free agent pickups and feel free to follow me on Twitter-dvond for any fantasy questions.  And visit our fantasy football forum for updates.

Fantasy Mike

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