Jets Top Bills; Improve to 6 and 5

It was a tale of two halves for the NY Jets offense but in the end Mark Sanchez led the team to another 4th quarter comeback.  Due largely in part to an outstanding reception by Plaxico Burress on the final drive.  The Jets seem to be going out of the way to make sure nobody is over confident with how they play.  For everything they do well, another concern seems to arise.

Matt Keach will hand out the grades later tonight and Tyson Rauch will break down the game, in the meantime here are some thoughts:

Any way that you break it down, the Jets needed to win the game to keep their season alive.  That is what they did, there are several areas that need immediate improvement but it is nice to try and improve after a win.  Especially when it happens to be a division win.

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