Mark Sanchez Shows Up 12lbs Heavier

Mark Sanchez who took a beating at times last year, showed up at training camp 12lbs heavier.  Having your franchise QB spending quality time in the weight room, and not on Page Six, is a really good news.

On his weight…

I’m right around 230.

On his weight at the end of last season…

I was like 218, I was skinny.

On if he is coming to camp more focused this season…

Every year I think that you learn so much from the previous year. You learn what went well and what didn’t. You try and improve upon things that went well and change some things that didn’t quite work out in your favor. Each year, your awareness is heightened slightly. I know exactly what to expect up here. I have a good handle on the offense. I have a good feel for the schedule coming up. Now, it’s about going out, completing passes, getting us in the right play and really being able to focus. There’s no better place to do that than here.

Here is more on Mark Sanchez, including what he had to say about Tim Tebow.

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