Biggest Surprise Cut Discussion

Here is a topic that I thought was worth passing along from our forums. Who do you think will be most surprising NY Jets player cut before Opening Day?  Stephen Hill, Willie Colon and Dexter McDougle are all mentioned.  None of those guys are getting cut though.

#27 Dominator sums it up with this post:

There is zero chance McDougle gets cut.  That would be beyond a huge surprise. He’d probably have to be dealing crack to his teammates. 

If Willie Colon has an injury set back, sure he could get cut. He was already back on the field at minicamp though, so don’t bet against him.  I am not going to proclaim that Stephen Hill has finally arrived, but unless he has a terrible camp, the organization isn’t going to give up on him yet.

The Jets won’t keep 4 QBs so either Tajh Boyd or Matt Simms won’t be on the final roster. Unless you think they will both outplay Michael Vick. That is enough speculation from me, sound off and tell us who you think the Jets biggest cut will be!

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