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Post Game Drill

In the aftermath of a disappointing 23-17 loss to the Houston Texans, a game the Jets showed infinitely more heart than they did a week earlier, I want to attempt to point out some positives we as fans can draw.  The Jets sit at 2-3 but are certainly in no way playing for draft position [...]

The Day After Drill

In preparation for my weekly submission I usually stay up late, watch the game one more time, look at the statistics, and try to come up with analysis that focuses on the play, player or decisions that shaped the outcome.  Forgive me if I did not have the stomach to put myself through that [...]

The Morning After Drill

The New York Jets are 2-1 with two division victories and they sit on top of the AFC East standings.  Why then are so many fans feeling a sense of gloom, typically reserved for fans of losing teams?   Looking beyond their position in the standings, there just has not been many good things happening on [...]

The Morning After Drill

For all the optimism, excitement, and hope the New York Jets provided in their dismantling of the Buffalo Bills last week, this week in Pittsburgh it was pessimism, pain, and despair that  were delivered to the Jets faithful in heavy doses.  Making it even more difficult to stomach was the fast start they got off [...]

The Monday After Drill

When you are a football player, the only place you really want to be is on the field.  Offseason contract extensions, backup quarterback signings, and even circus tent comparisons all finally go away when you step into that huddle for the first time in September.  Nobody in the NFL wanted to get on that field [...]

Tackling The Right Tackle Dilemma

Rookie mini-camp took place last week, coaches and players, new and old are back in their facilities, and football fans all over the country are eagerly anticipating the start of the 2012-2013 NFL season.   But some fans in New York are left wondering “how did my beloved Jets forget to upgrade at right tackle”.  They [...]

“Play Like A Jet”

Upon hearing he was drafted in the 3rd round by the New York Jets, Demario Davis was quoted as saying “All I can say is, I am ready to play like a Jet”.  So it got me to wondering what exactly that phrase means.  It’s become a bit of a running joke in my family.  [...]

Confessions Of A Tebow Hater

I am by nature an extremely passionate sports fan.  The kind of fan who often can’t distinguish the difference between an NFL football game and one of my kid’s high school sporting events, because I see it all as competition.  Typically, I will hate my rival teams and their stars with as much vigor as [...]