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Lose My Mind

Y'all gonna make me lose my mind, that's what the Jets do to us.  Courtney Aurillo is joined by Phil Sullivan on the podcast this week.  Even though the Jets record stands at 2 and 1, there is plenty to lose your mind about.  Darrelle Revis is gone, as are the replacement ref's but the [...]

JetNation – Week 3 Power Rankings

Here's the updated JetNation top ten power rankings: 10) Arizona Cardinals: Off to their best start in 38 years (3-0). The replacement referees look lost as they made terrible calls/non-calls against both teams.  Bill Belichick was just trying to shake the referees hand and say “Nice game, thanks for the great work,” so he shouldn’t [...]

Jets On Darrelle’s Injury

Several NY Jets were asked to comment on the season ending injury to Darrelle Revis.  Here is what they had to say: Calvin Pace On whether it’s possible to replace Revis for the entire season… No, I mean not with one person.  We’re not going to ask Kyle (Wilson) to go out and be Darrelle, [...]

The Morning After Drill

The New York Jets are 2-1 with two division victories and they sit on top of the AFC East standings.  Why then are so many fans feeling a sense of gloom, typically reserved for fans of losing teams?   Looking beyond their position in the standings, there just has not been many good things happening on [...]

New York Jets Week 3 Report Card

Week 3: New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins Quarterback: D+ Sanchez: 21/45, 306 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT Sanchez' receivers could certainly do him some favors. They could, for example, pay attention. Or run routes. Or not have hands made of bricks. That said, this is Mark's 4th year and, as such, it's time for [...]

Opponents To Watch: Miami Dolphins

The New York Jets will take on the Miami Dolphins today in Miami.  Here is our full Jets Game Preview but we also would like to highlight some key players to watch. #22 RB Reggie Bush: Bush is leading the league in yards per game with 120. He’s as dangerous a pass catcher as he [...]

New York Jets At Miami Dolphins – Week 3 Preview

The last time the Jets went down to Miami, the infamous Santonio Holmes meltdown occurred. Holmes, visibly frustrated by the lackluster offensive effort, left the huddle after getting into a verbal confrontation with former Jets tackle Wayne Hunter. After that the rumors of Holmes quitting on his team and rumors of a circus locker room [...]

JetNation $200 Freeroll on FanDuel

If you’re into fantasy football, you’re going to be blown away by FanDuel – where football leagues last just one week, AND you can play for real money. With instant cash payouts and a brand new team every single week of the season – FanDuel takes fantasy football fun to a whole new level.   [...]