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Put Up or Shut Up

By Tyson Rauch Coming off of an embarrassing loss, it is very easy to dwell on the negatives as the New York Media and Jets fans love to do.  Sure you can sit around and bash the inept offense, the swish cheese defense and the Herm like coaching.  I for one am willing to give [...]

Jets Lose To Bills

The New York Jets fell to 1 and 3 with a loss to the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park.  Rookie QB Trent Edwards played like a veteran as he led the Bills offense, which had been struggling, up and down the field all day long. Chad Pennington threw the ball 39 times for 290 yards [...] Poker Room Is Here

We have added a poker room to the site.  Please check it out if you are interested, create an account and let us know what you think. Right now the table has 5 seats. There are a few options that can be customized so give us some feedback once you join.

The Jets Dropped The Ball

By Tyson Rauch It was a great day for football.  A sunny Sunday afternoon with the parking lot full of festive fans.  The Jets were facing their division rival Miami Dolphins in a must win game for both teams.  It was the perfect day to have a halftime ceremony for fan favorite Wayne Chrebet.  Wayne [...]

Identify Yourself

By Tyson Rauch Another game and another loss for the New York Jets. Heading into this week's match-up with the Miami Dolphins, Gang Green is faced with a must win situation if there is any thought of making the playoffs.  Yes a must win situation in week three.  It is a conference game as well [...]

Bad Jets Fans A Risin’

By DireJet38 -- This is my view from Section 336. When Jarvis Green came down on Chad Pennington’s ankle in the second quarter of the Jets vs. Patriots game this past Sunday at the Meadowlands, it was about more than a 300 lb. superhuman ringing up an immobile, white, farm bred quarterback. As Chad’s ankle [...]

Reality Check

By Tyson Rauch The debut of the 2007 New York Jets was one that many fans want to forget while the remainder want to over analyze. The blow out loss to the New England Patriots should not be a surprise to the gang green faithful for a variety of reasons. The truth is the Jets [...]