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Same Old Jets? No. Same Old Outcome? Yes

By Patrick Stanton Senior Columnist It doesn’t take an Ivy League degree to know that there is a certain level of danger inherent with being a fan of the New York Jets. 75% of the time, the level relates directly to prospective property damage within the Jets fan’s immediate viewing area. This can range [...]

2010 New York Jets Podcast

[podcast][/podcast]Gregg Hayim kicks off the 2010 season with the JetNation preseason podcast.  He talks about two types of seasons for Jets fans: Low expectations This is the year expectations Gregg talks about Darrelle Revis, Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets defense and a brand new season.  You can discuss this podcast in our NY [...]

Jets to Sanchez: RB’s Are Receivers, Too!

The Jets offensive coaches took some time out over the offseason to statistically examine the NFL's top offenses of the last few years, and came to a conclusion: Mark Sanchez isn't throwing to his backs enough. The one common theme that the coaches found was that each of the top five offenses over the last [...]

NY Jets Break Camp; Name King Ugly

A New York Jets tradition is the naming of "King Ugly".  It is not the most flattering of awards but football is a tough sport.  Today the Jets selected Brian Jackson. has all the info here and the corresponding tweets about it.  You can read the whole story here. The New York Jets broke [...]

Sid Rosenberg Mentions On WFAN

Spoiler Alert:  This isn't much of an article.  After reading this you will wish you had the 8 seconds it took you to read it back. Still here? Since you are still reading I will get to the point.  Radio talk show host Sid Rosenberg mentioned on WFAN today.  Sid is back in town [...]

Mark Lamping Interview, CEO New Meadowlands Stadium

On Sirius Radio Bob Papa and Ross Tucker just interviewed Mark Lamping.  Mark is the CEO of the New Meadowlands Stadium.   Here is a recap of their conversation: On Opening Night... It went very well, he was very proud of event staff.  They will continue to get better but he was pleased. Why Were The [...]

Notes On The O-Line

By Doug Cantor On the Left Guard battle: Tonight was a great gage for both contenders due to the fact that Mangold wasn’t playing. Therefore it was easy to check both players out objectively to see who could do more on their own. Ducasse looks incredibly strong and driven. But it’s pretty obvious that the [...]

Thoughts From A Pats Fan

JetNation's very own Garb, a lifelong Patriots fan, sent this to me today. Theresa (Garb) 8/15/10 I must say, this bravado and confidence displayed by not only the NY Jets, but their fans is tough to take. God dang, that’s the Pats rightful place! You know that quiet, yet arrogant, air of confidence of Pats [...]