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Sixty Minutes

Sixty minutes. Sixty minutes to erase forty one years. Forty one years of ‘could have beens’, ‘should have beens’ and ‘never was’. Forty one years of wide right’s, fake spikes, roughing the passer’s and everything in between. The base of the very same sixty minute mountain the Jets have found themselves at just three times [...]

Is This Really Happening?

By Joe Brod I woke up this morning and a wonderful thought occurred to me: ‘what am I going to do if the Jets go to the Super Bowl?’ Why is this thought so wonderful? Because it actually might happen! With the Jets playing in the AFC Championship Game for the second straight year on [...]

JetNation Receives “Fan Mail”

We received some fan mail on Monday and decided to respond in the only way we know how: Fan Mail Congratulations on your win yesterday. Unfortunately you have clouded a win with very poor sportsmanship. Today we need to set examples for our children on how important it is to show good sportsmanship and class. [...]

Bart Scott Interview (Video)

Bart Scott was interviewed as he was walking off the field by Sal Paolantonio from ESPN.  What ensued looked more like an interview from the WWE.  That said, if you are a Jets fan this will get you pumped up.

NY Jets News from the Forums

The day before the day is often the worst one for Jets fans.  The game is so close but we still have to wait longer.  Game day will be here soon enough and here is some New York Jets news to help pass the time, courtesy of the forums. One note: Guest viewing on [...]

Guest Viewing Will Be Disabled: Forums

Due to the high number of people visiting the site, we are going to disable guest viewing from the forums during the Jets\Patriots game on Sunday. If you are a "lurker" you can still do that, we ask that you click on Register. You can also use an existing Facebook or Twitter ID if you [...]