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Woody And The Jets

As F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “The rich are different”. Wealth tends to make its own rules, no matter how it is obtained. For some it is obtained through grit, guile, and perhaps a little bit of luck. To use a sports analogy, they hit a triple. For others, it is inherited; they are simply [...]

Flight Crew Girl Of The Year

Vote for the Flight Crew Girl Of The Year. Click here to vote. would like to thank the entire flight crew for their efforts this season. Starting with the original group of 45 girls who tried out down to the final crew of 10. They all gave 100%. Fireman Ed was not at the [...]

Caution: Work in Progress

By Tyson Rauch Another week and another frustrating loss for the New York Jets. From the early injury to quarterback Kellen Clemens, to the questionable play calling, to the weekly dropped passes by Justin McCareins; the opponent changes but the results do not. Coming into this season there was a perception that the New York [...]

Pennington And Coles To The Chiefs?

Originally Posted 12/16/07 - 12:38am has learned that the Jets have had conversations with the Kansas City Chiefs about a blockbuster trade. The Jets would send both Chad Pennington and Laveranues Coles to Kansas City in exchange for the Chiefs 1st round pick. The Jets would also receive a 4th rounder and a possible 2nd [...]

It’s Showtime

By Tyson Rauch As the New York Jets prepare to take on the undefeated New England Patriots this weekend they will once again be treated like the doormats of the National Football League. From the ridiculously high point spreads in Vegas, to the butt of jokes nation wide, to the repeated brow beating from the [...]

Jets Lose Again, Fall To 3 And 10

Did you really come here to read a game recap?  Really?  If you just answered yes to that question you need to take a look at things.  It may be time to start making some changes.  After losing to the Browns the Jets are now 3 and 10.  You watched the game, you lived through [...]

Ray Of Sunshine

By Tyson Rauch Over the past three months Jets fans have been taking a beating from both the national and local media. It started with the debatable cheering of Chad Pennington’s injury, to selling their tickets to opposing fans to rowdy drunken behavior at Gate D in the Meadowlands. Well this past Sunday I was [...]