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Coming Back for More

by Scott Dierking I am cheating on my wife. My mistress is usually not a lot to behold but has, at times, been characterized as a Cinderella-type. She is a constant tease, but I keep coming back for more. She has been abusive, exhilarating, lazy, the belle of the ball, unorganized, nurturing, among many other [...]

Eric's deal: $7M

by Rich Cimini New York Daily News When the jets hired Eric Mangini last Tuesday, his salary was erroneously reported in a number of other newspapers. One paper actually said he was due to make $15 million over five years. Well, the real numbers are in: The rookie head coach signed a four-year contract, as [...]

Palmer in Jets' picture

by Rich Cimini New York Daily News One day after telling disgruntled offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger that they plan to retain him, the Jets interviewed former Texans coordinator Chris Palmer on Friday for an undisclosed position on Eric Mangini's staff, two league sources said yesterday. Given his wealth of experience, Palmer likely interviewed for the [...]

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

by Patrick Stanton JetNation Senior Columnist Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks Before I get serious about this NFC Title match up, I have to ask: Is Jake Delhomme’s high school act getting old for anyone else besides me? Yes, I know Delhomme is a good QB, I know he’s done well leading his team, and [...]

Birthday Boy Begins Process

Courtesy of New York Jets The 14th head coach in New York Jets’ history had his first full day Wednesday, meeting with members of the coaching staff. Those staff meetings will continue today on Eric Mangini’s 35th birthday. Twelve years after starting out as the ball boy in Cleveland, Mangini is now the chief officer [...]

Flustrated, obviously

by Jet Moses Over the years, I have called Herman Edwards a charlatan, a flim-flam man, a con artist, and a liar. Allow me to add carpetbagger to that list. I’ve described him as incompetent, stubborn, foolish, and deceitful. And with the closure of the final chapter on Herm’s tenure as the New York Jets [...]

Herm gets 4 years, $12M as chief Chief

by Rich Cimini New York Daily News After two days of negotiating - and, some suspect, several weeks of unspoken flirtation - Herm Edwards has agreed to a four-year, $12 million contract to coach the Chiefs, an NFL source said yesterday. The former Jets coach will be introduced today at a news conference in Kansas [...]