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Memorial Day

Memorial Day On this Memorial Day we remember those who lost their lives. We thank those who fought to save lives. And we pray for the healing of those they left behind. America stands united to face any challenge. Let us salute those who ensure our freedom and safety. Happy Memorial Day!

What Makes A Great QB

By Frank BaroneThe Quarterback Type you want to have to win a NFL championshipWhen you start talking about the great quarterbacks, I think of Unitas, Marino, Montana, Staubach, Namath, etc. There is one thing that some people overlook when looking at the quarterback position, but I feel is one of the most important factors when [...]

NY Yankees – Not Dead Yet

NOT DEAD YET By BTJF NEW YORK – There is no more successful franchise in the history of recorded sports than the New York Yankees. Success, of course, breeds jealousy and resentment. It was true in the 1950s when comedian Joe E. Lewis said, "Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel." It [...]

JetNation NFL Draft Report Card

Draft report cards written right after the draft are about as useless as all of our mock drafts put together, but nevertheless, here's ours: Arizona Cardinals: A+ Denny Green knows talent. He picked up future starters at CB in Antrel Rolle (1st) and Eric Green (3rd), and got a quick, speedy and productive running back [...]

The Art of Male Cheerleading

by fatcatxl JetNation Guest Columnist Oakland has the Raiderettes, the Cowboys have the most famous cheerleaders in the world, and the New York Jets have… the flag boys. As a younger Jet fan, I’ve already learned to appreciate watching my team make stupid decisions at every turn the past few years (i.e. drafting Bryan Thomas, [...]

The Meadowlands: Home of the Braves?

by Frank Barone JetNation Senior Columnist The Atlanta Braves- are they a successful franchise for the Jets to emulate or an example of what the Jets need to avoid? The Atlanta Braves last season proved many experts (and myself) wrong by overcoming injuries and offseason player losses to win their 13th consecutive division title. The [...]

Meet the Jets, Meet the Jets…

by Joe Grinwis JetNation Senior Columnist Time to take a closer look at the players we got in this years draft, Jets fans. K - Mike Nugent: Nugent, a former Lou Groza Award winner, is entering this year with a lot more pressure than many imagine. Nugent has to replace Doug Brien and he has [...]

They Said It: N.Y. Jets Rookies 05’

by Isaac Cass JetNation Columnist “I think it’s just the mental aspect - I think that’s one difference I’ve seen with the better college kickers and the better NFL kickers,� says Nugent. “No matter what situation arises, they can just forget about it and focus on what they have to do. So, I think you [...]