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Memorial Day

Jet Nation would like to remember all the brave men and women that have paid the ultimate price and gave their lives in defense of our country.  To those that have served or are serving this country we thank you.  May God bless you always. Your sacrifices make us all safer and we are grateful.

Backup QB Scenarios

By Ken Swarthout I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm hopeful that one of our lower-level priorities is shaking things up a bit on the QB depth chart, and wanted to hear some opinions. SCENARIO A: Stand Pat (Clemens, Ainge, O'Connell) Obviously, this is least preferable to me. We don't NEED to [...]

2014 Super Bowl Awarded to NJ

The NFL Owners awarded the 2014 Super Bowl to New Jersey today.  The game will be played in new stadium that is set to open this season.  There had been some criticism at the possibility of playing the game outdoors and in the northeast.  The possibility of snow during the Super Bowl left some feeling [...]

Herman Edwards Mailbag

Herman Edwards has embraced technology and joined Twitter.  As a public service, JetNation will be asking Herm questions via twitter and will post his answers here.  That is, if he answers the questions. So far the mail bag questions that we have received and asked Herm are: Welcome to twitter Herm. A fan in our [...]

Jets Players Raise Money For Ghana

By Tyson Rauch On Tuesday night New York Jets wide receiver David Clowney and several of his teammates traded in their jerseys for aprons as they served fans for charity at the Applebees in East Hanover, New Jersey. The event, which was hosted by Clowney, was organized by his foundation to raise money for David’s [...]

Best Seats Available; By Section

By RowOneJetFan This is for people who have NOT bought seats, PSL or NON-PSL UD in new stadium. Trying to figure out what your strategy is. Buy stubhub, off fan sites, or hope for bigger better PSL or UD deals or hang out for deals like last year when they did half season ticket packages [...]

Jets Face Financial Challenges

By Tyson Rauch Lost amongst the excitement of the New York Jets treating the off-season like a fantasy football team is the fact that the organization is set to face a variety of financial challenges.  The challenges vary in nature and can be broken down into two groups:  Player contracts and Personal Seat Licensing sales.  [...]

Jets Nation Mail Bag

We received this email yesterday from Gary H in NJ.  We thought the perspective of a long time season ticket holder was worth sharing: Yesterday I received my 2010 Jets Season Parking Guide ! Yes parking has become so confusing we now need a guide. I was feeling pretty good about purchasing the PSL's for [...]