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May The Curse Be With You

By Jet/Bosox Fan Guest Columnist Well, well, well, Yankee fans, here we are at the end of another season and for the fifth straight year we have NOTHING to show for it. In “JBF’s Preseason Forecast� I laid out the oncoming year as I saw it and 99% of you laughed when you saw that [...]

Some Things Never Change

by Tyson Rauch JetNation Columnist Angry. Annoyed. Frustrated. Depressed. Pissed Off. Embarrassed. Then there are the sayings: “Same Old Jets�, “Just End the Season�, “Played Hard�, “Learning new schemes�. Does it ever end with the New York Jets? It is the same thing over and over, year after year. All of the diehard fans knew [...]


by TomShane JetNation Editor This is exactly the way it was drawn up during the off-season: The Jets, spending the Fall battling for their share of first place in the AFC East, Curtis Martin following up his league rushing title with twisting, darting jaunts down the field, leading the Jets to victory. Except that the [...]

Paying (Back) the Bills: Jets-Bills Preview

by TomShane JetNation Editor Almost an entire year has passed since Chad Pennington hit the turf at Ralph Wilson Stadium. He still hasn't gotten all the way back up, and neither has the Jets franchise. So it will be something like Custer returning to Little Big Horn on Sunday when the Jets return to Buffalo [...]


by Alex Parziale JetNation Columnist On a Sunday afternoon where all eyes were on the return of Vinny Testaverde, the last drive of the game made you forget Vinny and think back to the two missed FG attempts by our first pick in the 2005 draft, Mike Nugent. Nugent, who said during draft day interviews [...]

The Buc Stops Here: Vinny, Defense, Beat Tampa Bay

by Tom Shane JetNation Person With Chad Pennington waving a white towel on the sidelines, making like most Jets fans who have been waving the white flag since #10 went down for the season, the Jets pulled off a huge upset Sunday, beating the previously undefeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-12 at the Meadowlands. Stepping in [...]