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Lessons Learned

By Tyson Rauch After 12 weeks of the NFL season every team has gone through their ups and downs and are finally showing their true colors. After a Thanksgiving Day loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Jets are now 2-9 and hopes of salvaging the season are falling to the wayside.  As the [...]

Two And Eight Feels Great

The NY Jets took the field on Sunday afternoon and saw thousands of Steelers fans waving terrible towels.  Every expert said the Jets could not win this game.  Most fans felt the same way.  By beating the Steelers in Overtime by a score of 19 to 16, the Jets did what they do best.  Shocked [...]

Curtis Martin – The Natural

In professional sports there are many accolades thrown around at the athletes; all star, superstar, game breaker and show stopper to name a few. Many times these names fit the description of the player but often they do not. When legendary coach Bill Parcells was asked to describe his running back Curtis Martin, his response [...]

Veterans Day

We would like to thank all the Veterans for their service to our country.  The United States Of America is the greatest country in the world because of all those who have served.  We appreciate the sacrifices you have made.  Because of you, we are safer.  

Kellen Clemens Time

By Tyson Rauch Another week and one more loss for the New York Jets. There is a light at the end of the tunnel Jets fans. With the handing over of the quarterback duties to Kellen Clemens the Jets and their franchise are heading in a new direction. This quarterback change will allow the coaching [...]

Jets Lose To Redskins In Overtime

The Jets lost to the Washington Redskins in overtime by a score of 23 - 20.  We are not going to continue the theme of media negativity that we have seen this season towards the Jets.  We are not going to talk about a defensive line that needs to be overhauled.  We won't mention an [...]

The Second Half: Up, Or Down And Out?

By JetCane Heading into this Sunday's game, it is impossible to sit here and make any kind of accurate prediction for the second half of the season. At the beginning of the year, it said here the Jets would go 9-7, which I did not think was unreasonable at the time. Last season's prediction was [...]

Typical Jets Fan

By Tyson Rauch Well another week and another disheartening Jets loss. It gets more difficult each week to attend the games and twice as painful leaving after another mediocre performance. It would not be so bad if as a fan I had not experienced this before.  Unfortunately we have all been through this several times [...]