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Reality Bites

by Tyson Rauch After Sunday’s loss to the Bears there are many clichés that can be used but the one that the fits the best is “You are what your record says you are�.  Let’s face it people the Jets are a team with many warts that at times is playing above its head.  This [...]

Trip To Foxboro

The day started out soggy, with torrential rains and brisk winds blowing throughout the parking lot.  The Patriots fans were full of confidence as the New York Jets were coming to town, the perfect team to cure their woes.  The common thoughts expressed by the Pats fans were that the game would be close, but [...]

Jets Beat Patriots 17 – 14

The Jets today came back from the bye week and put together their most solid performance of the year.  They beat the New England Patriots 17 – 14 in Foxboro.  The Jets had lost the previous seven meetings.  Apparently someone forgot to tell the Jets that they were over 10 point underdogs today.  If you [...]

Jetnation 2006 Halfway Report

by Nick Ferraro NFC Contenders 1. Chicago Bears – the Bears have been dominant until last Sunday.  There have been doubts all along that they were as good as they seemed to be.  The Giant game will tell us all we need   to know. 2. New York Giants – the Giants may be the best team in [...]

Good Ole # 28

by Tyson Rauch In the coming months there are going to be many articles written about Curtis Martin.  There will be stories about his career statistics, about his awards and accomplishments.  There will even be articles discussing his future.  The one story that can never be told enough is how much of a class act [...]

High Hopes

by Tyson Rauch  Come on Jets fans, admit it, the Jets had you.  They had won two in a row, they were playing a team with a bad record on the road before the bye week.  Did you not see this coming? As much as you want to see the direction of this franchise changed, [...]

Hello Is Anyone Out There?

by Tyson Rauch  While arriving at my section this past Sunday it was surprising to see all of these red items around my seat.  Were these the new colors of the New York Jets? Was I surrounded by Kansas City Chiefs fans?  No, I was viewing several empty seats, including a FULL row of empty [...]


By Frank Barone   At the start of the 2006 New York Jet season head coach Eric Mangini was in an envious position.  If the Jets lost, most people were expecting it.  The team was coming off a four and twelve season and considered to be rebuilding in the eyes of the media.  There was [...]