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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

Hey everyone, I am now back online after the hurricane and then a well times scheduled vacation.  There are 3 regular season weeks remaining, so your team is in 2 possible spots: Either planning for the playoffs Trying to get there So I will try and cover a little of both this week.  If you [...]

JetNation – Week 10 Power Rankings

Here's the updated JetNation top ten power rankings: Have a real shot at the playoffs. 9) Denver Broncos: How big of a lead will they spot division rival Chargers before they beat them? Will need a healthy QB - Ben Roethlisberger against the Ravens this week. Squeaked by Bills. Still looking good to win the [...]

NY Jets Post Game Drill

Going into Seattle this week, Mark Sanchez was, statistically speaking, not the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.  If you go by quarterback rating and consider quarterbacks who have started all of their team’s games, Brandon Weeden holds that distinction.  But I bet you could not find one New York Jets fan that would not [...]

Thank You Veterans

We would like to thank all the veterans who have served this great country. You volunteer to put yourself in between us and danger and we appreciate your service.  To all those that are currently serving, we pray for your safety. Thank you!

Seattle Seahawks to Watch

As the Jets prepare to take on the Seattle Seahawks, here are a few players to watch. 1. #24 RB Marshawn Lynch- Lynch has always been a "Jets Killer" from the days he was a Buffalo Bill. This year Lynch has ammassed 881 total rushing yards, 2nd best in the NFL. He's averaging nearly 5 [...]