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Jets Lose Snoopy Bowl; Post Game Thoughts

By KRL An “encouraging and dominant loss” last night, let’s take a look at the game: General – Good to [...]

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Thoughts After the Redskins Game

In any other sport when I watch during pre-season I never go “crazy”, but when it comes to football I always [...]

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Jets Fall, but Petty Rising

By Glenn Naughton   It’s a good thing pre-season football games mean so little in terms of the final score, [...]

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Jets Top Jaguars; Game Observations

Great to have football back! It was only the first pre-season game but let’s take a look at what happened: General – [...]

Game Recap

NFL Betting Opportunities For People In The UK

The NFL is hosting some games in the UK in an attempt to promote their brand over there. The NFL [...]

Game Recap

Thinking About NFL and Gaming Companies Cooperation

  NFL and gaming companies cooperation are involved with online gaming and there are millions of people around the world [...]


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