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JetNation Week 11 Report Card

Chicago - 10 N.Y. Jets - 0 By Joe Grinwis Quarterback - F Pennington - 19-35, 162 yards, 2 INT's Both interceptions came at costly times and the first one in the second quarter was inside the 10 yard line.  Pennington missed a wide open Laveranues Coles on the other side of the field. The [...]

Week 10 Report Card

NYJets - 17 New England - 14 By Joe Grinwis The Jets put an end to two Patriot streaks on Sunday by beating New England for the first time since 2002.  They also ended their streak of avoiding consecutive game losses (hadn’t happened since 2002).  Here is this weeks Report Card: Quarterback - B+ Pennington [...]

Week 8 Jets Report Card

N.Y. Jets-13 Cleveland-20 By Joe Grinwis Quaterback - F Pennington (11-28, 108 yards, 2 INT's) Chad had one of his worst days in his career against a Browns defense that was struggling coming into the game. Pennington posted a 21.1 passer rating (2nd worst in his career). His best throw of the day was called [...]

Week 7 Jets Report Card

Detroit-24 NYJets-31 by Joe Grinwis Quaterback: B+ Pennington (16-22, 189 yards, TD, INT) If you take away Pennington's lone over-thrown pass intended for a wide open Chris Baker which was picked off by Terrrence Holt, Chad had a great day. His best pass of the day was on the 44 yard play action touchdown pass [...]

Week Six Report Card

By Joe Grinwis Miami-17 NY Jets-20   Quarterback: B Pennington (17-29, 175 yards, 2 TDs) A rough first half for Pennington but in the second half he turned it on.  He hit his favorite target Laveranues Coles for two second half scores. Mistake free football once again from Chad after the debacle last weekend. Running [...]

Jets Week 5 Report Card

NY Jets 0 – Jacksonville Jaguars 41 By Joe Grinwis   Quarterback: D Pennington (10-17, 71 yards, 3 INT's) Two of the three picks by Pennington were not his fault. When your team is down by 20 & 30+ points and the D is dropping six  or seven into coverage on three receivers every time, [...]

Week 4 Report Card

by Joe Grinwis Colts-31, Jets-28 Quarterback:  B+ Pennington - 17-23, 207 yards, TD, INT Another strong performance from Pennington but this was the first game where there were basically no shots deep downfield from the offense. Pennington also recorded his first ever INT in the redzone on the Jets' 4th & Goal at the 2 try [...]

Jets Week Three Report Card

By Joe Grinwis  JETS-28 Bills-20 Quarterback: B+ Pennington (19-29, 183 yards, TD) Pennington hit Coles in key situations for first downs and didn't make any mistakes. Managing the game today was the key and Chad did that well. Running Back:  C+ Barlow (12 carries, 31 yards TD) Houston (2 carries, 10 yards TD) Washington (7 carries, [...]