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Week Two Report Card

By Joe Griwinis It was two different games, that's for sure. The Jet comeback was great but not enough in the end.  So this week we are giving out two grades.  Everyone gets an F for the first half.  Here are the second half grades: Quarterback: B- Pennington (22-37, 306yds, 2 TDs, INT) Pennington hit [...]

Week 1 Report Card

By Joe Grinwis JETS - 23 Titans - 16 Quarterback:  A Pennington (24-33, 319 yards, 2 TD's) How could it be anything but an A for Pennington? If it wasn't for Chad and the consistent play he showed throughout the game the Jets would not have came back and won the game. Chad answered any [...]

Preseason Week 4 Report Card

by Joe Grinwis  Quarterbacks: B- Clemens (7-10, 75 yards, INT) Ramsey (1-2, 14 yards, TD) B.Smith (2-4, 13 yards) Finally a Quarterback other than Kellen Clemens got the team into the end zone and Brad Smith was electrifying late in the game. Aside from one poor throw by Clemens he had a good outing as [...]


by Joe Grinwis If they play like they did last night Jets fans, get ready for another VERY long season. This year will be about the Tailgating, the Booze and the Food. Quarterbacks: D Pennington (11-20, 125 yards, INT) Clemens (3-11, 24 yards, INT) The only bright spot was a 40 yard connection Pennington made with WR [...]

Report Card (Week Two – Preseason)

by Joe Grinwis (124) - JN Senior Columnist   QUATERBACK --- B+ Brooks Bollinger - 10-16, 69 yards Patrick Ramsey - 6-9, 33 yards Kellen Clemens - 2-4, 2 yards, TD   Bollinger played better than the Bollinger of ’05.  He had a rough start but got better as the Jets improved with their blitz pickups.  [...]

New York Jets 2006 Draft Review

Pick by Pick analysis    By Glenny B ROUND 1 {#4 Overall} OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson University of Virginia This was not the sexy pick, O-linemen never are, but if you ask any "Football Guy" he will tell you, without question, that left-tackle is a "premium position" in the national football league. That's no great revelation, that's [...]

Buffalo Bills @ NY Jets Report Card

by Patrick Stanton JetNation Senior Columnist QUARTERBACK Brooks Bollinger (11/20, 153 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT) B He didn’t win the game, but he didn’t give it away either. When your #3 QB is starting, this is important. Excellent throws on the bombs to Coles and Cotchery as Bollinger continues to show a strong arm [...]

Patriots @ Jets ~ Report Card

by Patrick Stanton JetNation Senior Columnist QUARTERBACK Brooks Bollinger (11/19, 100 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 Fumble) C+ He wasn’t exactly electric for the Jets tonight, but when you watch the opposing team go 31 plays before getting a chance to sniff the ball again, what can you expect? Add to that a pocket [...]