Category: Jets Report Card

Week 14 Report Card

Browns-24 Jets-18 by Joe Grinwis Quarterback - D Kellen Clemens - 24-41, 286 yards, 2 INT's Although you wouldn't think so right away by looking at the stat sheet, but Clemens had his worst start so far as a Jet. Too many passes were low at the feet of receivers, close to being intercepted or [...]

Week 13 Report Card

Jets Fry Fish, 40-13 By Joe Grinwis Quarterback - A Kellen Clemens - 15-24, 236 yards, TD, INT Clemens' mistakes were not on him. Brad Smith could not hold onto the ball over the middle and when he was hit it popped out and was snatched out of the air by Joey Porter. As for [...]

Thanksgiving Day Game Report Card

Jets-3, Cowboys-34 by Joe Grinwis Quarterback - C- Kellen Clemens - 12-27, 142 yards, INT It was not Clemens' fault at all on this day as the Offensive Line was putrid. Each time he stepped back from center there was a Dallas defender in his face within two seconds. What do you expect a kid [...]

Week 11 Report Card

Jets Finally Win, 19-16!by Joe Grinwis Quarterback - C+ Kellen Clemens - 14-31, 162 yards, TD, INT Nothing great, nothing horrible from Kellen as after his first quarter flea flicker to Laveranues Coles (1 reception, 56 yards), he managed the game and didn't make mistakes, aside from his 4th quarter interception. When the Jets needed [...]

Week 9 Report Card

Redskins-23, Jets-20 by Joe Grinwis Quarterback – B- Clemens - 23-42, 226 yards, TD Kellen Clemens, for today, looked like the real deal. The young gunslinger would've had more completions and more yards if the receivers and backs could catch the ball. No interceptions or mistakes in the 4th quarter from the young kid and [...]

Week 8 Report Card

Jets lose again, 13-3 by Joe Grinwis Quarterback - F Pennington - 13-20, 106 yards Chad Pennington led the offense to 3 points in the 2nd quarter and that was it. Hey, at least he didn't throw an interception or a pick six in the 4th quarter. Always have to look at the bright side, [...]

Week 7 Report Card

Jets-31 Bengals-38 by Joe Grinwis Quaterback - B- Pennington - 20-31, 272 yards, 3 TD, INT Pennington's stats are misleading. He had 170 yards of his 272 in the 1st half and his third and final touchdown came with the Jets trailing 38-23 and on the final play of the game. Once again Pennington could [...]

Week 6 Report Card

Eagles-16 Jets-9 By Joe Grinwis Quarterback - F Pennington - 11-21, 128 yards, INT Another bad performance from Chad Pennington. His interception was a horribly under thrown lame duck and for the second straight week Pennington's famous completion percentage was nowhere to be found. Running Back - A- Jones - 24 carries, 130 yards Q. [...]