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Tyson Rauch Interviews Keyshawn Johnson

Tyson Rauch had a chance to interview Keyshawn Johnson today.  He spent a few minutes asking him about Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets receivers.  Keyshawn had some very interesting comments about Brian Schottenheimer and his play calling. Definitely give this one a listen, we left it in its original format and [...]

LaDainian Tomlinson interview transcript 11/4/10

On Thursday New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson addressed the media.  Here are a few of his quotes courtesy of the Jets. On playing this Sunday after losing to Green Bay… "That’s the best thing about when you’re going through the season and you have a setback, you’ve got another opportunity to get back [...]

Mark Sanchez interview transcript 11/3/10

On Wednesday New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez addressed the media. Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets. On what the offense needs to do differently this week… "I think we just need to execute. There have been a couple of miscues, especially in the fourth quarter. Where we need to be our very [...]

Damien Woody Interview Transcript 11/3/10

On what the week has been like for them… It’s been good.  We got a head start on Detroit.  (They are) a very good team.  They have a lot of impressive stats that jump out at you.  They have a lot of talented players.  Today was the first day we got going, and it went [...]

Jerricho Cotchery Interview Transcript 10/31/10

On the turnovers in the game… My understanding of the rule is when both guys have the ball and hit the ground the ball goes to the offense. I had the ball in my hand once we hit the ground and I relaxed. I thought the ref saw, then he ended up ripping it out [...]

Steve Weatherford Interview Transcript 10/31/10

New York Jets P Steve Weatherford, 10.31 On the fake punt… It would have been a good decision had it been fourth-and-nine, but that’s my fault. I made the decision to try to make the play, but it didn’t work out for the team. We’re a team that’s willing to go out there and lay [...]

Brian Schottenheimer interview transcript 10/28/10

On Thursday New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets. On Mark Sanchez's struggles in the Denver game... "Obviously, he didn't play his best game. I think he knows that. We know that. Anyone who watched the game knows that. There were some things with [...]