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NFL Power Rankings Week 11

It was a pretty wild week in the NFL. The Jaguars got their first win. The Seahawks won a huge road game. The Titans lost Jake Locker. And the Lions took control of the NFC North. Those were just some of the highlights, not even counting Carolina putting the rest of the NFC on notice [...]

NFL Power Rankings Week 10

It's weeks like this that remind us of how unpredictable the NFL is. Nick Foles threw seven touchdown passes, the Jets beat the Saints, Tampa Bay nearly upset the Seahawks in Seattle, and the Bears won in Lambeau with their backup quarterback. As most teams head into the second half of their schedule, we're left [...]

NFL Power Rankings Week 9

Week 8 has come and gone, and a lot of the top teams came out with wins, while a lot of teams on the bottom suffered losses. In addition, six teams were on byes. That's why there wasn't a lot of movement in this week's Power Rankings, with the top six and bottom three teams [...]

NFL Power Rankings Week 8

Injuries were one of the headlines of Week 7, with Jay Cutler, Nick Foles, Sam Bradford, and Jermichael Finley were some of the big players to go down. But more importantly, the middle teams of the league got more crowded. The Bills beat the Dolphins to keep them in the playoff hunt. The Jets, Panthers, [...]

NFL Power Rankings Week 7

There are only two undefeated teams left in the NFL, and they both reside in the AFC West. The Broncos and Chiefs are at the top of this week's power rankings, but big wins for the Packers, Patriots, and Cowboys has them trending upwards. The Colts, Texans, and Jets were not so lucky. Denver Broncos [...]

NFL Power Rankings Week 6

With only three unbeaten teams left, the NFL is heading to Week 6. The Denver Broncos survived their biggest scare yet against the Dallas Cowboys, while the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs took care of business, respectively. Teams are starting to separate themselves and for some, their seasons are already over. Here are [...]

NFL Power Rankings Week 5

The first week of byes is over, with Green Bay and Carolina taking a week off.  In Week 4, we got Big Ben in London, a battle of the undefeated teams on Monday night, and, what do you know, more domination by Peyton Manning. All but two teams are 25% done with their season, and [...]

NFL Power Rankings Week 4

Week 3 brought many crazy events to the NFL landscape. After trading their best offensive player, the Browns won their first game, while Trent Richardson's new team, the Colts, knocked off the mighty Niners on the road. The Giants, Redskins, and Steelers are sitting at an ugly 0-3 while the upstart Dolphins and Bengals got [...]