December 28

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  • 1985: Four turnovers, including a fumbled kickoff returned for a touchdown, help kill off the Jets in the Wild Card game against the Patriots. A 26-14 defeat sees Ken O'Brien suffer a concussion, and Pat Ryan comes on to play in the second half.
  • 1986: After five straight defeats to end the season, Ryan replaces O'Brien, and the Jets win their first home playoff game sine 1968, 35-15 over Kansas City. The key play is Ryan's 24 yard run on a QB draw on 4th and 6 to the Chiefs' 9 yard line. The Jets took the lead 2 plays later.
  • 2008: Needing a win to have any chance of making the playoffs, the Jets lose 24-17 to the Dolphins. Brett Favre throws three interceptions. The loss means the Jets. after staring 8-3, finish 9-7.


  • 1985: New England Patriots 26, New York Jets 14. (Wild Card game)
  • 1986: Kansas City Chiefs 15, New York Jets 35. (Wild Card game)
  • 2003: New York Jets 21, Miami Dolphins 23.
  • 2008: Miami Dolphins 24, New York Jets 17.
  • 2014: New York Jets 37, Miami Dolphins 24.
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