December 9

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  • 1976: Lou Holtz decides he's had enough of the NFL, and resigns with one game left to return to working in the college game. Mike Holovak becomes interim head coach for the final game of the season.
  • 1979: A Patriots fan is killed, and another seriously injured when a flying lawnmower, being used as part of the halftime show, goes out of control and plummets into the crowd.
  • 2002: Jumbo Elliott puts the smackdown on Santa Claus outside Rothmann's Steakhouse in East Norwich, N.Y.


  • 1973: New York Jets 23, Philadelphia Eagles 24.
  • 1979: New England Patriots 26, New York Jets 27.
  • 2001: New York Jets 7, Pittsburgh Steelers 18.
  • 2007: Cleveland Browns 24, New York Jets 18.
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