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The New York Jets have undergone many changes to their logo and helmets since the franchise began, as the New York Titans.



Titans era

The original Titans logo was in the blue and gold color of the Titans.

Jets era


With the change of name, a new logo was needed. The first Jets logo was a simple green airpane, with Jets written in white. In 1964, the Jets changed to a new logo with Jets written over NY in green, over a white oval background. In 1967. these colors were reversed, and the edges less rounded.


In 1978, the Jets changed their logo and uniform, the new logo was in a futuristic script, featuring a stylised aircraft. This logo would last until 1997.


In 1998 the Jets, under Bill Parcells decided to bring back the old uniforms of the glory years. The logo also changed to a version of the classic 60's logo.

Alternative logos

The Jets have also had a number of alternative logos over the past couple of years.


Titans era

The Titans original helmet was blue, with gold trim. This helmet made a reappearance in 2007 in the throwback game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Titans helmet 1960-62, 2007

Jets era


The 1963 Jets helmet was white, featuring the airplane logo on it. In 1964, the new 'NY Jets' logo was introduced, and this helmet design remained until 1967, when in line with the logo, the colors were reversed. This helmet continued until 1971, when the angle of the logo was lessened. This was the last helmet before the 1978 change.

1963 1964-66 1967-71 1971-77


With the 1978 complete change of the organisation's image, the Jets switched to a green helmet, with the new logo in white. This helmet design would last until 1989. In 1990, the Jets added black trim to their colors, and the helmet's facemask became black. Exceptions to this would be the Super Bowl III 25th anniversary game in 1993 and the semi-throwback design for the NFL's 75th anniversary celebrations in 1994.

1978-89 1990-97 1993 Super Bowl III anniversary 1994 NFL 75th Anniversary


In 1998 the Jets went back to the past, logowise and uniform, and the helmet did likewise. It is very similar to the 1964-1977 logos, the logo on the current helmet is more "rounded" on the ends, as opposed to the "football"-shape of the earlier logos.


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