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Bill Belichick has been named The Other Man in an ugly New Jersey divorce case and the jilted hubby has asked the court to let his lawyers quiz the New England Patriots head coach about his relationship with the missus, a blond fortysomething mother of two. Vincent Shenocca, a 42-year-old New Jersey construction worker, filed for divorce from his wife, Sharon, a former receptionist with the New York Giants, on the grounds of “extreme mental cruelty.” Shenocca’s court papers say his wife of 10 years “has had a relationship with Bill Belichick for several years” and would not end it, despite her husband’s pleas.

“This relationship appears to have blossomed, including more frequent telephone calls, and (Mrs. Shenocca’s) receipt of large sums of money and expensive gifts from Mr. Belichick, which she has used to purchase expensive clothing, pocketbooks, watches, a treadmill and maid service, most of which she initially hid from (her husband),” the New Jersey court papers say. Shenocca told his wife “that he did not feel comfortable with her receipt of expensive gifts and large sums of money from Mr. Belichick,” the papers continue, but she “refused to consider (his) feelings and has continued her relationship with Mr. Belichick.” Shenocca’s attorneys filed a request with the court yesterday asking for permission to take Belichick’s deposition to quiz him about what exactly is going on between him and the attractive blonde. A hearing is set for early August. Sharon Shenocca, described as a slim, blue-eyed 41-year-old stay-at-home mom, reportedly met Belichick when she was with the Giants. Belichick, 54, was the defensive coordinator there until 1990 and Vincent Shenocca believes that his wife and the coach have been involved for several years. He claims that Belichick has sent limos to the house to pick up his wife, that he flew her to Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston, and that he has plied her with large amounts of cash. Mrs. Shenocca reportedly is looking at posh pads in Brooklyn, N.Y. and her husband is questioning how she can afford pricey real estate when she doesn’t work. “He is heartbroken,” said one inside source. “He loved his wife and strongly surmises something is going on with her and Bill Belichick.” Sharon Shenocca did not return calls yesterday. In her court papers she admits receiving gifts from “an individual,” but says that she never hid the friendship from her husband and that the relationship was “plutonic” (sic). “Monies that I received from this individual were shared with (her husband),” Mrs. Shenocca said, adding that Vincent Shenocca “became unreasonably upset and jealous regarding my friendship with this other individual, often becoming loudly and profanely critical of (her) friendship outside of the marriage.” She claims that her husband’s outbursts have been so virulent that “her health and safety have become endangered and it is improper and unreasonable to expect (her) to cohabit with (her husband).”

Originally printed in the [Boston Herald]

Breaking news: Belichick has refused to comment on reports he had a team employee outside the window with a video camera during their "romantic liaisions".

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