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The New York Jets have gone through a number of uniforms since their inception.


Titans era

When the club debuted in 1960 as the Titans, the team wore blue helmets with gold trim, and either blue jerseys with white and gold trim, or plain white jerseys, with gold pants. NYTitans60.gif

Jets era


After the club was renamed the Jets in 1963, the uniform design was changed to white helmets, white pants, and either green or white jerseys. The green jerseys had white stripes on the shoulders and white sleeves. The white jerseys had green stripes on the shoulders and green sleeves. The team's logo in 1963 consisted of a green airplane with the word "JETS" written on its side.



The uniforms stayed the same, but the logo was changed in 1964 to a football shaped oval with the letters "NY" superimposed, and superimposed over that, both the word "JETS" and a football in green.



In 1967,another minor tweak saw the logo's colors being inverted so that the oval became green, and the word "JETS" and the football became white. The rest of the uniform remained unchanged. This design would stay like this for the next decade.


1978 - All change

In 1978, the Jets changed both their logo and uniform design. The new logo consisted of the word "JETS" with a futuristic jet above it. The new uniform design consisted of kelly green helmets with white face masks, white pants, either green or white jerseys.


1990 - Black is added

In 1990, the uniforms were updated with a darker shade of green, black trim around the numbers, striping, and helmet, a black face mask, and green pants for road games. The Jets began to move away from wearing the green pants under coach Rich Kotite in 1995 and 1996, and Bill Parcells totally discarded the green pants in 1997, the final year of the futuristic ensemble.


1998 - Back to the past

In 1998, the team reverted to the 1967 logo, or rather, a modified version, since the oval was now more rounded at the ends and no longer resembled a football. A slightly more modern version of the 1963 uniform design was introduced along with the logo. For both the logo and uniforms, the kelly green of old had been abandoned in favor of a darker shade, essentially forest green. In 2002, the team introduced green pants which are sometimes worn on the road with the white jerseys and at home to form an all green combination.


2007 throwback

in 2007, against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jets wore their old Titans uniforms.


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