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Every pass you fake, every play you make, I'll be watching you.
The term coined by New York Jet fans in September of 2007, in the days following their opening day loss to the New England Patriots, winners* of three Superbowls at the time of this articles writing. In the days following the Patriot victory, it became apparent that the team had been involved in devious and illegal espionage that at the very least involved stealing defensive signals from the Jet sidelines with methods that had been previously deemed prohibitive by the National Football League. The scandal reached far and wide, with many in the sporting world coming down hard on the Patriot organization, as well as their head coach at the time, Bill Belichick, for damaging the integrity of the game.

(*it remains unclear as to whether any of the Patriot Superbowl victories were achieved on merit alone.)

courtesy of "i remember shea"

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