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The Cincinnati Bengals play in the AFC North. The Bengals currently conduct summer training camp at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky and play home games at Paul Brown Stadium.

In 1967 a Cincinnati-based ownership group led by Paul Brown was granted a franchise in the American Football League. As the founder and head coach of the Cleveland Browns from 1946 to 1962, Brown led his team to a .759 winning percentage and seven championships, which includes four championships earned while a member of the All-America Football Conference. Brown sold his minority interest in the team in 1961 to businessman Art Modell. On January 9, 1963, Modell fired Brown. By 1966, Paul Brown wanted to become involved in professional football again. James A. Rhodes, then the governor of Ohio, convinced Brown that Ohio needed a second team. Cincinnati was deemed the logical choice, in essence, splitting the state. Brown named the team the Bengals in order "to give it a link with past professional football in Cincinnati." Another Bengals team existed in the city and played in a previous American Football League from 1937 to 1942. The Bengals began play in the AFL in 1968. The Bengals have made it to two Super Bowls, losing both to the San Francisco 49ers. These days, however, the Bengals are more known for the creative ways their players fall foul of the law.

Their record against the Jets is 13-7 in favor of the Jets in regular season, and 1-0 to the Jets in the playoffs.

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