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The Detroit Lions play in the NFC North. Originally based in Portsmouth, Ohio and called the Portsmouth Spartans, the team began play in 1929 as an independent professional team , one of many such teams in the Ohio and Scioto River valleys. For the 1930 season, the Spartans formally joined the National Football League as the other area independents folded because of the Great Depression. Despite success within the NFL, they could not survive in Portsmouth, then the NFL's smallest city. The team was purchased and moved to Detroit for the 1934 season.

The Lions have won four pre-Super Bowl NFL Championships, the last in 1957, but have yet to qualify for the modern day Super Bowl. Since 1957, the team has only won a single playoff game, in 1991. These day s the team play their home games in Ford Field, Detroit.

Their record against the Jets is 6-5 in favor of the Lions.

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