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The Indianapolis play in the AFC North, and are the current NFL Champions. They play at the RCA Dome but will begin playing in Lucas Oil Stadium starting in the fall of 2008.

The 1958 team, led by coach Weeb Ewbank and quarterback Johnny Unitas defeated the New York Giants at Yankee Stadium 23-17 in the NFL championship game. The game, the first-ever utilizing the overtime rule, is generally considered to be among the greatest contests in professional football history. The Colts repeated as NFL champions in 1959, defeating the Giants again, 31-16. In the early 1960s, the Colts continued as an elite NFL team although they lost the NFL championship game in 1964 to the Cleveland Browns, 27-0.

In 1968, after a 13-1 season, the Colts gained a measure of revenge against the Browns, defeating them 34-0 in the NFL championship game. The 13-1 regular season and the trouncing of the Browns led NFL-based media to call the Colts "the greatest pro football team of all time". The Colts went into Super Bowl III (the first in the series to officially be called the Super Bowl) against the American Football League's New York Jets as 17-point favorites. The result of the game was surprising to many in the sports media as Joe Namath and Matt Snell led the Jets to a 16-7 win over the Colts, a win that had been famously guaranteed by Namath. The Jets were coached by Weeb Ewbank, the coach of the Colts' first two NFL titles. Baltimore went on to win the first post-merger Super Bowl (Super Bowl V).

The Colts relocated from Baltimore in 1984 literally sneaking out in the middle of the night, and began their stay in Indianapolis winning 90 of 228 games through the 1997 season, including 5 playoff games. Since Jim Irsay assumed control of the franchise in 1998 after the death of his father Bob Irsay, the team has become the first in league history to win 12 games or more in five consecutive seasons, and in February 2007, they won Super Bowl XLI, beating the Chicago Bears.

Their record against the Jets is 40-25 in favor of the Colts. However the Jets are 2-0 ahead in the post season, including Super Bowl III.

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