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Nick Lowery
Nick Lowery is a former kicker for the New York Jets from 1994 to 1996.


Background and college

Born May 27, 1956 in Munich, Germany, Lowery grew up in Washington and attended Dartmouth College.

NFL Career

Before the Jets

After graduating from Dartmouth, Lowery started with the Jets. In a preseason game at San Diego, Lowery missed on field goals of 38 and 48 yards. The Jets cut him (head coach Walt Michaels had told Lowery 'You'll be playing all the way, unless you screw up'), but eventually Lowery made it into the NFL with the New England Patriots, in 1978. It took him two years out of college, during which he was cut 10 times by seven more teams teams, to become a regular with the Kansas City Chiefs, after winning the kicking job from Jan Stenerud during training camp in 1980. Lowery spent 14 seasons with Kansas City, surpassing 15 Chiefs records that Jan Stenerud established during his Chiefs career, and getting selected to the 1982, 1991 and 1993 Pro Bowls where he connected on two game-winning field goals.

As a Jet

In 1994 the Chiefs were unwilling to part with the $750,000 he wanted, and instead signed the Dallas Cowboys' kicker, Lin Elliott. The Jets then signed Lowery, replacing Cary Blanchard. Lowery was showing signs of getting on, and the Jets brought in Don Silvestri to handle kickoffs. In a December 1995 game ahgainst the Patriots, Lowery was involved in an incident with a Patriots ballboy. When Silvestri, who made the second-half kickoff for the Jets, told Lowery that the ball was rock hard in the 26-degree cold, Lowery said he walked toward the ball boy, an argument ensued, and then Lowery slapped the ball boy. Afterwards, Lowery expressed his regret. The next day Patriot head coach, and future Jets head coach Bill Parcells joked about the way Lowery responded to the situation, saying, 'What did he want him to do, build a little nest and sit on them?' On October 13, 1996 Lowery broke Stenerud's NFL field goal record at 374, one small highlight in an otherwise terrible season.

In 1997, two days into his tenure as new head coach, Bill Parcells waived Lowery in favour of John Hall. Lowery finished with 383 field goals and 562 PATs and is currently fifth on the National Football League's list of all-time scoring leaders.


Season FG/FGA FG Pct 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Long PAT PAT Pct Pts
1994 20/23 87.0 0/0 8/8 6/7 6/8 0/0 49 26/27 96.3 86
1995 17/21 81.0 0/0 4/4 8/10 3/3 2/4 50 24/24 100 75
1996 17/24 70.8 0/0 9/9 6/7 2/8 0/0 46 26/27 96.3 77
Total 54/68 79.4 0/0 21/21 20/34 11/17 2/4 50 76/78 97.4 238

After the NFL

Lowery has generated his own 'Kick With Nick' program that has raised close to $1 million for cerebral palsy. Lowery has also worked for President Reagan in Drug Abuse Policy, as well as both President Bush and President Clinton in the White House Office of National Service and is the only non-Indian Founding Director of the National Foundation for American Indian Education.

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