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{{Template:Jets Schedule}}
{{Template:Jets Schedule}}
===== The Latest Pages Added to JetsWiki =====
===== The Latest Pages Added to JetsWiki =====
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New York Jets 2016 Season Schedule

Date Opponent Time
Sept 9 Cincinnati 1:00pm
Sept 15 @ Buffalo 8:25pm
Sept 25 @ Kansas City 4:25pm
Oct 2 Seattle 1:00pm
Oct 9 @ Pittsburgh 1:00pm
Oct 17 @ Arizona 8:30pm
Oct 23 Baltimore 1:00pm
Oct 30 @ Cleveland 1:00pm
Nov 6 @ Miami 1:00pm
Nov 13 Los Angeles 1:00pm
Nov 27 New England 4:25pm
Dec 5 Indianapolis 8:30pm
Dec 11 @ San Francisco 4:05pm
Dec 17 Miami 8:25pm
Dec 24 @ New England 1:00pm
Jan 1 Buffalo 1:00pm
The Latest Pages Added to JetsWiki


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What we want...

This wiki is dedicated to providing fans of the New York Jets with the most accurate and extensive information about their team - both past and present. Wiki's do not work without participation from its' users - please take some time to contribute information, statistics, pictures, or any other things that represent the New York Jets. We want to capture the Jets history from the fan's perspective - do you have a recollection of a great win or a horrible loss? Do you want to write about the Jets and the draft (past of present)? Are you interested in writing season recaps? If it's NY Jets and you're interested in writing about it then just do it!

How do I start?

If you have a userid for the JetNation forums you can begin creating pages and content on the JetNation JetsWiki right now - your id and password will work here. If you do not already have a JetNation userid and password, go get one by registering today! Once you register you will be able to contribute in two places - the JetNation forums and the JetNation JetsWiki - with one userid and password. Even if you decide to not add content to this wiki, you are sure to have a great time with the hardcore Jets fans on the JetNation forums.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact GreenBeans via PM (send GreenBeans a PM) on JetNation.

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