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Is This The Next Jets Left Guard

No Adrien Clarke is most likely not coming back to the Jets to play left guard like he did during the 2007 season but it looks like history might repeat itself. The Jets acquired guard Pete Kendall before the 2004 season.  Kendall agreed to a pay reduction for the 2006 year with the understanding that [...]

JetNation: Myth-Busters

While listening to my fellow Jets fans whether through conversation, forums or sports talk radio they often reference the same several personnel “mistakes” the Jets have made over the past few years causing the team severe harm. Kind of like watching the presidential debates just saying it doesn’t make it true.  Here is a list [...]

Jets Release Dyson, McCareins and Clarke

The New York Jets have announced that the following players were released today: CB Andre Dyson, WR Justin McCareins and G Adrien Clarke. No surprises in these cuts, all were previously rumored to happen. Andre Dyson had a good year in 2006 but spent 2007 in the doghouse. Adrien Clarke being released is good news [...]