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JetNation: Myth-Busters

While listening to my fellow Jets fans whether through conversation, forums or sports talk radio they often reference the same several personnel “mistakes” the Jets have made over the past few years causing the team severe harm. Kind of like watching the presidential debates just saying it doesn’t make it true.  Here is a list [...]

Random Offseason Observations

I love Joe Namath.  In fact, he is the single reason I became a Jets fan.  Usually I appreciate his candor, the kind that only comes from a Beaver Falls, PA/Alabama boy who has earned the right to speak his mind.  But Joe Willie is wrong about the Tim Tebow trade.  While the New York [...]

Folk Is Back And Cotchery Mulls Return

Love him or hate him the kicker known as Nick Folk is coming back to the Jets as he signed an undisclosed deal with the team earlier today. This doesn't mean he'll be starting or even play for the team as once again he'll have some competition for the position this off-season. Also ex-Jet WR [...]

Jets Release Jerricho Cotchery

If fans have learned anything over the last couple of months it is that the NFL is a business.   The New York Jets are providing the fans with another reminder as on Thursday the team released wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery.  The classy receiver played 7 years with the Jets and was known for his work [...]

Jerricho Cotchery interview transcript 11/15/10

On Monday New York Jets wide receiver addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets. On his injury… "I just looked at the MRI and they said they’re just going to see how I respond to the treatment, so we’re just going to take it on a day-to-day basis, see, and go [...]

Jerricho Cotchery Interview Transcript 10/31/10

On the turnovers in the game… My understanding of the rule is when both guys have the ball and hit the ground the ball goes to the offense. I had the ball in my hand once we hit the ground and I relaxed. I thought the ref saw, then he ended up ripping it out [...]

Don’t Forget Braylon

Last year, the Jets' offense was something that the defense and special teams needed to overcome if the Jets were going to get a win. The running game was tops in the league, but only the Browns were worse in the passing game. There was a lot of blame getting passed around between the rookie [...]