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JetNation Will Be Offline Sunday

We are upgrading the hardware that is used to support and run and our forums.  This will begin at midnight tonight.  The site will be offline for awhile on Sunday.  When we come back online things will look primarily the same, but this new hardware platform will allow us to implement several enhancements over [...]

Happy Birthday JetNation

When we launched seven years ago, the original idea was to provide a home for Jets fans so that they could talk about the Jets without the fear of being censored.  Please remember, these were the dark days of the internet, Twitter and Facebook had not yet been born.  Thanks to the hard work [...]

Guest Viewing Will Be Disabled: Forums

Due to the high number of people visiting the site, we are going to disable guest viewing from the forums during the Jets\Patriots game on Sunday. If you are a "lurker" you can still do that, we ask that you click on Register. You can also use an existing Facebook or Twitter ID if you [...] Leagues

Hey Jets fans our fantasy football leagues are all filled up but we have room in several other leagues.  Here is some more information on: JetNation Stud or Dud:  You select one player each week and get ranked on their fantasy points.  You can't pick the same player twice and compete throughout the season. Survivor [...]

Darrelle Revis Banner Status

Darrelle Revis is on the clock. has issued the final ultimatum to Darrelle.  He has until 7pm (eastern time) on Tuesday 09/07/10 to return to the New York Jets.  If he does not, he will be removed from the banner. This move won't impact his financial status.  We are hitting him in his [...]

Sid Rosenberg Mentions On WFAN

Spoiler Alert:  This isn't much of an article.  After reading this you will wish you had the 8 seconds it took you to read it back. Still here? Since you are still reading I will get to the point.  Radio talk show host Sid Rosenberg mentioned on WFAN today.  Sid is back in town [...]