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No Hard Knocks For Jets

Updating a previous report that the Jets were considering a repeat performance on the HBO series Hard Knocks, Bob Raissman reported yesterday that the Jets won't be on the show this year. Adam Schein tweeted this in April: [tweet_embed id=190113218792923136] This is good news for the Jets, if Rex Ryan was against the move the [...]

Jets On Hard Knocks: Episode Two

The second episode of Jets on Hard Knocks aired last night on HBO.    Overall the show was good but it lacked the level of excitement that the first level achieved.  They showed less of Rex Ryan cursing so maybe that was the difference.  We are Jets fans after all so most of us are potty [...]

Hard Knocks In Times Square

As so many Jets fans wait for the premiere of the HBO show Hard Knocks, there will be a fan event in Times Square on Tuesday August 10th at noon.  For more details please read the press release below.  Hard Knocks will air four consecutive Wednesdays at 10pm, starting this Wednesday August 11th.  Be sure [...]

Hard Knocks On HBO

If you are a football fan and you can't sleep you are in luck.  Starting right now (3am Eastern time) the NFL Network is replaying every episode of Hard Knocks.  Up first is the 2001 Ravens, episode 1. Who is staying up for it? No worries, if you are sleeping the are playing throughout the [...]

Jets To Be On HBO's Hard Knocks

The New York Jets will be featured on the HBO training camp special, Hard Knocks.  It is a behind the scenes look at what goes on in camp. From the first whistle to the final horn.  This will give you insight that most Jets fans have never seen before. Somewhere Kerry Rhodes is crying because [...]