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Christopher Johnson; Bowles is a Man of Few Words

Christopher Johnson has taken over control of the NY Jets while Woody serves as Ambassador to the U.K.  Christopher spoke [...]

Jet News

Mauldin Facing Season-Ending Back Surgery

He’ll seed a second opinion, but it seems that as of this moment, Jets linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin’s season could be [...]

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Maccagnan Pulls off Shel of a Deal

This day was never supposed to come for Mike Maccagnan and the New York Jets. Saddled with a troubled but [...]

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Key Story Lines; Players to Watch in Jets vs. Giants

Fans can make fun of the famed “Snoopy Bowl” at MetLife Stadium between the Jets and Giants tonight as much [...]

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Bowles Handling of Jets QB’s; Brilliant or Baffling?

Just when Jets fans thought the handling of the team’s quarterback situation couldn’t possibly be worthy of any further scrutiny, [...]

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Is Mehta Report a Sign of Cracking at Florham Park?

The New York Jets are about to embark on what many believe will be one of the worst seasons in [...]


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