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The Rookie Wage System – Part Two: Positives and Potential Problems

This is part two of Jet-Nation's articles on the improved rookie wage system under the NFL’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) which took effect in 2011.  (Click here to view part-one) There was a problem in the NFL with the structure of rookie contracts even before the new CBA was being negotiated.  Teams were often [...] Deal Within Striking Distance

According to Albert Breer on a deal between the players and owners on a new CBA still remains very close. There's plenty of ground left to cover, of course, with the league and players in their fourth week of hush-hush negotiations, but plenty of progress is being made. Perhaps the biggest bridge to cross [...]

Recap Of NFL Labor Negotiations

We figured a brief recap of the labor negotiations would be helpful.  The CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) has expired.  The players are not threatening to strike, the owners have threatened to lock the players out.  There is some good news: A union source told NFL Network's Albert Breer on Friday that "we've made more real [...]

FAQ on the CBA from the NFL

Courtesy Collective Bargaining Agreement-related questions and answers provided by the National Football League: Q. When does the CBA expire should there be no extension to the agreement? A. In March of 2011. Q. Will there be a college draft in 2011? A. Yes. Q. What is the “Final League Year” in the current agreement? [...]