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Why The Jets Should Keep Eric Smith

Well it's time to take out the 'punching bag', Eric Smith, for some more jabs.  Smith did not exactly inspire most Jets fans with his play this past season.  Visions of him trying to chase down tight ends every week are still etched in our memories, but before you just toss poor Eric to the [...]

Potential Jets Draft Pick – Dontari Poe

"With the 16th pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the New York Jets select Dontari Poe Defensive Tackle Memphis".  The boos ring out from Radio City Music Hall from the many Jets fans in attendance and the cringing faces of those reading this now on JetNation.  Poe is an interesting player in this year's draft.  His [...]

Linebackers Wanted

Linebackers Wanted! The Jets have drafted 23 players over the last five years.  Of those picks only two were linebackers, Vernon Gholston now ‘thankfully’ gone drafted in 2008 and David Harris drafted in 2007.  Bryan Thomas most likely will not be retained.  Bart Scott has become a part time player and will be 32 in [...]

Why This Year’s Draft Will Be Different

The Jets have drafted 23 players over the last five years.  This is by far the lowest in the NFL, the league average has been 38.  Of those picks only seven were defensive players.  This aggressive style trading pick for players moving up in the draft has allowed the team to be competitive with back [...]

Upcoming Dates To Remember

By Rick Allen With an outstanding weekend of conference championship football behind us and only a few days until the Super Bowl, it is time to lay out what the NFL off season calendar has in store for the year round football fan. January 28th - Senior Bowl - Kick off at 3pm, NFL Channel- [...]

Sources: NFLPA Wants Draft Boycott

As the NFL lockout continues the players and owners are making blogging about the NFL a very painful experience.  The old saying, "no news is good news" simply just does not make us feel better.  In this case, no news means no NFL.  Not a situation that any of us ever wanted to be in. [...]

Watching Paint Dry

As we wait for the NFL Labor situation to get resolved the NFL news business is pretty slow.  It seems that the owners have taken the fun out of the speculation game.  How can the fans build their dream rosters without any of the rules being known? Will there be an 18 game schedule? What [...]

The Jets Will Rise Again

2011 Senior Bowl players who fit the New York Jets draft needs By Matt Bitonti - Last week, I was in Alabama watching the Senior Bowl practices. Like a glass of iced tea, syrupy sweet and brewed by the sun, this trip was the perfect refreshment to wash away the bad taste of the [...]