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nfl lockout

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Jets Football Is Back

by Phil Sullivan on July 25, 2011

The lockout is over, Jets football is back.  If you are reading this, you survived.  The next few days will see a flurry of NFL activity like never before.  Free agency, signing draft picks, training camp all in the span of a few days.  The Jets will open training camp in Florham Park, NJ on […]

Here is a feel good story from Rich Cimini on  The New York Jets had cut employees pay at the beginning of the lockout.  Today the entire organization was assembled and they were told that all lost wages were being returned. In the early March, at the start of the lockout, the Jets slashed […]

Players Could Vote On Proposal On Friday NFL owners made headlines on Thursday night with their big announcement; they voted unanimously, 31-0, to end the lockout.  The Raiders abstained from the voting.  The only problem is this is just step one, the owners voted on their proposal, which they claim union representatives have agreed to […]

There are so many reports about the NFL lockout being close to coming to an end. has an excellent recap of where things stand right now. The new deal will be for 10 years. Owners and players will return to the negotiating table in a mediation setting on Monday and Tuesday to settle a […]

According to Albert Breer on a deal between the players and owners on a new CBA still remains very close. There’s plenty of ground left to cover, of course, with the league and players in their fourth week of hush-hush negotiations, but plenty of progress is being made. Perhaps the biggest bridge to cross […]

8th Court of Appeals Grants the NFL’s motion

May 17, 2011
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If you are a fan of the NFL lockout, the news just got better.  For everyone else, the news is not good. According to The Red The 8th circuit Court of Appeals has granted the NFL’s motion for a stay on the appeal  which means until at least the first week of June and possibly much longer […]

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JetNation Sound Off

May 9, 2011
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We want to do a fan reaction article so we need you to leave us some short comments (20 words or less) on the following topics: The Jets charging season ticket holders up to 50% of their balance during the lockout? Rex Ryan NY Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer What do you expect from the […]

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Day Two Post Lockout; Still No Work Outs

April 27, 2011
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Well day two of the post-lockout world is here and the New York Jets still will not let their players work out at the facility in Florham Park. Think about that for a minute.  The players show up with the intention of talking to coaches, lifting weights and getting stronger.  They are not allowed to […]

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Bart Scott Really Can’t Wait

April 26, 2011
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After the New York Jets beat the New England Patriots in the playoffs earlier this year, Bart Scott made headlines with his tagline, “Can’t Wait”. Apparently Bart Scott practices what he preaches and he really can’t wait.  The NFL lockout was lifted last night and Bart Scott, along with 5 other Jets, showed up at […]

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Judge Rules For Lockout To Be Lifted; NFL Appeals

April 25, 2011
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Could it be over?  Keep your fingers crossed but there may be some good news on the horizon.   Earlier today Judge Susan Nelson Monday granted an injunction to lift the NFL lockout.   From Nelson has decided not to stay the decision, which could force the league to open for business immediately. The league swiftly […]

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