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New York Jets lacking respect

While most of Jets nation is excited about the prospects of Gang Green heading into the playoffs, the rest of the football world continues to discount their abilities and chances.  Whether it is the talking heads repeatedly discussing the fact that the Jets “backed in” to the playoffs or the Cincinnati Bengals making excuses for [...]

New York Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals Preview

On Sunday night (8:20 EST) the (10-5) Cincinnati Bengals take on the (8-7) New York Jets in the last regular season game that is ever going to be played at the Meadowlands.  If you are a fan of football drama this game is the one for you as there are several subplots to keep an [...]

New York Jets must keep their eye on the prize

Everywhere you turn there is a discussion about the Jets win over the Indianapolis Colts and the fact that Gang Green is lucky and should not be in the situation that they are in (win and in playoffs).  The comments continue on how if Peyton Manning would have played the rest of the game the [...]

Curtis Martin – The Natural

In professional sports there are many accolades thrown around at the athletes; all star, superstar, game breaker and show stopper to name a few. Many times these names fit the description of the player but often they do not. When legendary coach Bill Parcells was asked to describe his running back Curtis Martin, his response [...]

Jets Sign WR Chris Davis

The Jets filled their final roster spot by signing Wide Receiver Chris Davis.  Chris who stand 5'10" and weighs 180 pounds had been on the practice squad.  He played his college ball at Wake Forest and has seen action in the CFL as well.

Typical Jets Fan

By Tyson Rauch Well another week and another disheartening Jets loss. It gets more difficult each week to attend the games and twice as painful leaving after another mediocre performance. It would not be so bad if as a fan I had not experienced this before.  Unfortunately we have all been through this several times [...]

Week 8 Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back with the week 8 podcast.  He talks about the pain we call being a Jets fan.  What has gone wrong with this team?  Why do we always buy in only to have our hearts broken again? Listen as Gregg talks about how the organization refuses to be honest.  They refuse to [...] Top 10

By Nick Ferraro 1.  New England Patriots The only question so far has been how many points they’ll score and if they’re running it up. The Skins are just the latest to be shamed by the Brady Boys. The undefeated and defending champion Colts are a seven-point underdog in their own building Sunday. This team [...]