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Rex Ryan On The QB Situation

Rex Ryan spoke to the media today about where the Jets stand.  He discussed the 3 and 6 record, if he thinks he is going to get fired and the quarterback situation.  Here is what Rex had to say about Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow: On his belief in Mark Sanchez and whether he is [...]

NY Jets Post Game Drill

Going into Seattle this week, Mark Sanchez was, statistically speaking, not the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.  If you go by quarterback rating and consider quarterbacks who have started all of their team’s games, Brandon Weeden holds that distinction.  But I bet you could not find one New York Jets fan that would not [...]

New York Jets Report Card: Week 10

Week 10: New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks Offense: F The offense earns an "F" across the board, with sub-par play throughout. Greene had a mediocre game running the ball, but that's about as good as it got for this offense. Protection broke down early and often for the offensive line. The wide receivers and [...]

Trying To Be Positive

Courtney Aurillo is alone on an abbreviated Podcast this week.  The Jets travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks but so many Jets fans are still trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy. Football definitely took a back seat after the events of last week. Antonio Cromartie is staying positive, Rex Ryan is positive and [...]

Has Mike Westhoff Already Retired

Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff has long been considered one of the tops in his field.  He has overcome many difficult personal health issues battling cancer and has persevered to have a potential Hall of Fame coaching career.  It was known that this would be Westhoff’s last season coaching in the NFL as he [...]

Dolphins Squish Jets, 30-9

The Jets had their usual Patriots hangover game, getting crushed by Miami 30-9. It was a disaster. The game felt like a loss the minute the special teams let a punt get blocked and recovered for a Miami touchdown. There was nothing good to take away from this game and it was about as much [...]

The Drill

If I were the head coach of the New York Jets, I would write one word as large as I could for everybody to see when they arrived for work this week.   Consistency!  What characteristics does a consistent football team exhibit?  Trust, purpose, drive, passion, selflessness. If this football team could get behind these principles [...]