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Inactives Report: Devin Smith Out, Cromartie In In a surprise move the Jets have chosen to make Antonio Cromartie active, while keeping rookie Devin Smith on the sidelines for the Monday night game against the Colts. It's a risky move by the Jets, Cromartie was diagnosed with a sprained knee. The average recovery time for a sprained knee is two to [...]

Mark Sanchez Could Prevent Jets From Trading Him

All Jets fans by now have heard the numbers regarding the Mark Sanchez contract extension which was made in March of this year.  The $8.25 million guaranteed 2013 salary and the $17.15 million cap hit the Jets take if they release Sanchez. This indescribable error in judgment has left the Jets few options but probably [...]

Jason Smith Trade Analysis: Contract And Salary Cap

The following is an analysis of Jason Smith’s contract and the trade between the Jets and Rams: Smith originally signed a six-year $61 million contract ($33 million guaranteed) after being drafted in 2009 which included a second year $16.3 million option bonus.  When an option bonus is exercised it is prorated, like a signing bonus, [...]

Postgame Recap: Jets Lose To Panthers, 17-12

The Jets lost to the Carolina Panthers tonight 17-12, and they still haven’t scored any touchdowns, but there are positives to take away from this game. This is the kind of game most fans expected last week, where the team looked better than in its first preseason game. Instead, there was almost nothing positive to [...]

Austin Howard Against The Panthers

Austin Howard stepped into the starting lineup against the Carolina Panthers and the early returns were good.  He set out to prove that he is a starting right tackle and he played well.  No sacks allowed is the stat that is the most encouraging.  The line as a whole can do better when it comes [...]

Wayne Hunter Comments On Being Benched

We have been very critical of Wayne Hunter.  Most Jets fans have been very critical of Wayne Hunter.  His level of play has not been adequate.  Those who are close to Wayne have always spoken about what they think of him as a person.  I thought his comments on the benching were worth sharing.  Basically, [...]

Jets Camp Report: 8/23

The Jets held training camp practice at their facility in Florham Park today here’s a recap of what went on: The news of the day was given by Coach Rex Ryan in his pre-practice press conference that Austin Howard would be taking the starting right tackle position from the embattled Wayne Hunter.  Coach Ryan said [...]