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Woody Says No Ticket Price Hike

There isn't a lot of good news that comes from the aftermath of an 8 and 8 season.  Firing your offensive coordinator is sure to appease the fans but that is a temporary relief.  Eventually the Jets will send those season ticket invoices and historically speaking Woody Johnson has been aggressive with the price increases. [...]

Woody Johnson interview transcript 12/23/10

On Thursday New York Jets owner Woody Johnson addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets. On recent reports involving Rex Ryan… "It is a private matter. Whatever Rex said to you yesterday, are going to be my comments as well." On his initial reaction to the situation… "My reaction is I [...]

Jets On Hard Knocks: Episode Two

The second episode of Jets on Hard Knocks aired last night on HBO.    Overall the show was good but it lacked the level of excitement that the first level achieved.  They showed less of Rex Ryan cursing so maybe that was the difference.  We are Jets fans after all so most of us are potty [...]

…and the horse you rode in on

By Sperm Edwards Moral victories. This is what I hated about Herm Edwards being here. He would try to find the good parts of a failure. He’d cite meaningless stats of areas that we did well in, as though that meant a hill of beans when the only stat that mattered was the W/L record. [...]