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Featured Editorials Poker Room Is Here

We have added a poker room to the site.  Please check it out if you are interested, create an account and let [...]

Featured Editorials

The Jets Dropped The Ball

By Tyson Rauch It was a great day for football.  A sunny Sunday afternoon with the parking lot full of [...]

Featured Editorials

Identify Yourself

By Tyson Rauch Another game and another loss for the New York Jets. Heading into this week’s match-up with the [...]

Featured Editorials NFL News

Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat

Ryan from released a video that we honestly feel sums up the entire Patriots scandal.  He put to words what [...]

Featured Editorials

Bad Jets Fans A Risin’

By DireJet38 — This is my view from Section 336. When Jarvis Green came down on Chad Pennington’s ankle in [...]

Featured Editorials

Reality Check

By Tyson Rauch The debut of the 2007 New York Jets was one that many fans want to forget while [...]

Featured Editorials Jet News

Jets Lose Home Opener 38 – 14

The New England Patriots defeated the Jets today in the season opener by a score of 38 to 14.  The [...]

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Jets 2007 Rookie Class

By JetCane We’re ready for the kickoff and so are the newest Jets, eleven of whom were playing college ball at [...]

Featured Editorials

It's Not Easy Being Green

By Tyson Rauch In 2006 the New York Jets surprised many in the football world with a 10-6 record and [...]

Featured Editorials Jet News

Tribute To The Boar Hunter

Today is roster cut down day.  The Jets must have the roster down to 53 active players by 5pm tonight.  [...]