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Featured Editorials Jets Report Card

JetNation NFL Draft Report Card

Draft report cards written right after the draft are about as useless as all of our mock drafts put together, [...]

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The Art of Male Cheerleading

by fatcatxl JetNation Guest Columnist Oakland has the Raiderettes, the Cowboys have the most famous cheerleaders in the world, and [...]

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The Meadowlands: Home of the Braves?

by Frank Barone JetNation Senior Columnist The Atlanta Braves- are they a successful franchise for the Jets to emulate or [...]

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Meet the Jets, Meet the Jets…

by Joe Grinwis JetNation Senior Columnist Time to take a closer look at the players we got in this years [...]

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They Said It: N.Y. Jets Rookies 05’

by Isaac Cass JetNation Columnist “I think it’s just the mental aspect – I think that’s one difference I’ve seen [...]

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Mike Nugent: The Kicker You've Always Wanted

MIKE NUGENT: THE KICKER YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED by Joe Grinwis Contributing Columnist As many Jets fans were filling out their [...]

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Humiliation Inc.

by Tom Shane Managing Editor As Jets fans, we are notorious for flying off the handle when things get a [...]

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New Direction or Aberration?: Terry Bradway Needs to Build on His Strongest Draft as Jets GM

by slats Contributing Columnist When Terry Bradway got up on the podium when he was first hired, he spoke of [...]

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Miller Time: The Jets Have to Look at Clemson's Justin Miller

by EricBarton50 Contributing Columnist In less than four days the Jets will be OTC at pick #26. Jets GM Terry [...]