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Brett Favre

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Fitzpatrick’s Efficiency Best for Jets Since Favre

By Glenn Naughton   Given the current NFL rules that heavily favor the offense, especially in regards to the passing [...]

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What Can We Learn From The Silence?

When you run a fan site, you learn to love big splashy headlines.  They make for easy content and allow [...]

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Tannenbaum; Draft Genius, Salary Cap Novice

There is lots of talk about Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum and whether he’ll be back with the team next [...]

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Favre Has Torn Biceps Tendon

The results of Brett Favre’s MRI are in — drumroll please — and he has a torn biceps tendon.  This [...]

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Jets Beat Giants 10 – 7

The preseason means nothing.  The preseason means nothing.  Click your heels together and repeat after me Jets fans, the preseason [...]

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Brett Favre's First Practice: Sat 08/09 at 1:30pm will be at practice on Saturday 08/09.  The practice starts at 1:30, we will be there and will provide [...]

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Normally the Jets are slow to release information to the public.  Funny how trading for a Hall Of Fame Quarterback [...]