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New York Jets Podcast


New York Jets Week 5 Podcast

One quarter of the season in the books.  Three and one.  Eight touchdowns and no interceptions. Where did this offense [...]


New York Jets Week Two Podcast

The disappointment of week one is in the past.  The pride that Jets fans feel when the Patriots lose in [...]


New York Jets Week 1 Podcast

By Gregg Hayim No more excuses, no more time to waste, the time is now.  As the New York Jets [...]

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2010 New York Jets Podcast

Gregg Hayim kicks off the 2010 season with the JetNation preseason podcast.  He talks about two types of seasons for [...]


The NY Jets were born to Run

So says Gregg Hayim in the Podcast.  Make some noise Jets fans, the Jets won a playoff game.  Is [...]


Gregg Hayim: I was wrong

Gregg Hayim says he was wrong and he doesn’t care.  The Jets are in the playoffs and that is all [...]


Gregg Hayim: Don’t Blame the Defense

In the JetNation podcast this week Gregg Hayim talks about the shocking loss to the Atlanta Falcons.  One thing is [...]


Week 13 JetNation Podcast

By Gregg Hayim Gregg took a little hiatus but he is back. This weeks podcast looks at the Jets also [...]