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Monday Notes: Cromartie Linked to Bills, Jets Carry Over Unused Cap Space

A Quick Recap of Last Week in JetNation:   Cromartie Set for Buffalo Bills Visit, Bowles Declares ‘Open Competition’   [...]

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2012 NFL Cut-Down Dates And Roster Size – Clarifying Misconceptions

There has been lots of confusion regarding the roster cut dates and number of active players allowed.  The following is [...]

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The Rookie Wage System – Part Two: Positives and Potential Problems

This is part two of Jet-Nation’s articles on the improved rookie wage system under the NFL’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement [...]

NFL News Deal Within Striking Distance

According to Albert Breer on a deal between the players and owners on a new CBA still remains very [...]

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Recap Of NFL Labor Negotiations

We figured a brief recap of the labor negotiations would be helpful.  The CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) has expired.  The [...]

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FAQ on the CBA from the NFL

Courtesy Collective Bargaining Agreement-related questions and answers provided by the National Football League: Q. When does the CBA expire [...]