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Inactives Report: Devin Smith Out, Cromartie In

https://twitter.com/nyjets/status/646097815509209088 In a surprise move the Jets have chosen to make Antonio Cromartie active, while keeping rookie Devin Smith on [...]

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Mark Sanchez Could Prevent Jets From Trading Him

All Jets fans by now have heard the numbers regarding the Mark Sanchez contract extension which was made in March [...]

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Jason Smith Trade Analysis: Contract And Salary Cap

The following is an analysis of Jason Smith’s contract and the trade between the Jets and Rams: Smith originally signed [...]

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Jason Smith Renegotiates Contract To Match Hunter’s Cap Number

The trade of offensive linemen Wayne Hunter to the Rams for Jason Smith has become official being cleared by the [...]

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Postgame Recap: Jets Lose To Panthers, 17-12

The Jets lost to the Carolina Panthers tonight 17-12, and they still haven’t scored any touchdowns, but there are positives [...]

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Austin Howard Against The Panthers

Austin Howard stepped into the starting lineup against the Carolina Panthers and the early returns were good.  He set out [...]


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