Sid Rosenberg Mentions On WFAN

Spoiler Alert:  This isn’t much of an article.  After reading this you will wish you had the 8 seconds it took you to read it back.

Still here?

Since you are still reading I will get to the point.  Radio talk show host Sid Rosenberg mentioned on WFAN today.  Sid is back in town on a guest hosting assignment while Mike Francesca takes his 19th week of vacation of the year.

What did Sid say?  Does it matter?  He mentioned that he reads the site and told Kim Jones she has a lot of fans here.  Jets fans do have a sweet spot for beautiful women, so what Sid said is true.

That’s it…we told you it wasn’t much of an article.  But we did want to pat ourselves on the back.  Getting an on air mention is pretty cool.

Here is the riveting discussion thread in our NY Jets forum.

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