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JetNation.com is a fan run website devoted to all things Jets.  We are your home for New York Jets news.  We launched in 2005 with a simple goal; to create a home for Jet fans that was fun. We try to provide a relaxed atmosphere for die-hard football fans.  Since we are not affiliated with SNY or the New York Jets, the opinions you get are never censored.  NY Jets fans are a passionate bunch and JetNation is home for the fans of all ages.  If you believe this Jets team is different or if you believe these are the same old Jets, this is your site.

JetNation has grown over the years and stands today as the largest independent community of Jets fans.  Our forums have over 3 million posts and 19,000 registered members. The site gets around a million page views each month.  The JetNation community also extends to a large presence on Facebook and Twitter with over 40,000 social media followers in total.


Phil Sullivan (Site Owner)

Phil started JetNation.com in 2005 to give Jets fans a home for Jets talk.   He is a VP Account Management for a software company by day.

Phil lives in Central NJ with his wife and three children.  A season ticket holder since 1988, he never misses a home game.

John McGarrigle (Director of Technology)

John handles all the technical aspects of JetNation.  Making sure the servers are optimized and integrated with the various platforms that run the JetNation community (forums, CMS, wiki, add-ons).  John has been with JetNation since day one and has scaled the infrastructure along the way from one server at launch, to the multi-server\cloud environment that it sits in today.

John lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children.  He never misses a Jets game.

Courtney Aurillo (Director of Social Media)

Courtney oversees all of the social media accounts for JetNation.  She sets the social strategy for the site and provides direction for all accounts including:

Courtney is a die-hard Jets fan who also hosts This Week In JetNation.  She lives down the NJ Shore and attends home games regularly.


A big thank you goes out JetNation Moderators that keep the forums running.

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