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Looking at the NY Jets Roster

Glenn Naughton gave us an update on the Ashytn Davis move the other day. So now is an excellent time to look at where the NY Jets Roster stands as we head closer to the NFL Draft. Our good friend Sarge handles all the things related to the roster for us. He posted an interesting… Read more

Jets Still Have Chance to add OT Depth via Free Agency

While some Jets fans have taken the time in recent weeks to pre-emptively voice their future displeasure should the Jets pass on an offensive tackle with the tenth pick in the NFL draft, it’s worth noting that there are still some viable depth options available in free agency. In fact, it’s possible that the Jets… Read more

NFL Raises Standard for Helmet Performance as Five New Models Achieve Record-High Testing Results

The NFL and NFLPA announced the introduction of five new helmets for the 2024 season that tested better than any helmet ever worn in the league, reflecting a significant advancement in helmet safety innovation. In total, a record 12 new helmet models are eligible for players to wear for the 2024 season. Expansion and improved… Read more

Johnson U-Turns On Wilson’s Potential Jets Future

It continues to be full steam ahead for all National Football League franchises right now as preparations continue for the coming 2024 divisional battles, but it is shaping up to be an interesting year for the New York Jets – particularly when it comes to quarterback Zach Wilson. After just four plays of the Jets’ opening week… Read more

Emory Hunt Joins JetNation Live to Talk 2024 Draft Prospects

With the NFL draft just a few weeks away, JetNation Live hosted NFL draft analyst Emory Hunt to come in to share his thoughts on a long list of prospects. https://www.youtube.com/live/HWMymc0m3E0?si=6WyfVUVQc6fAMRdv   Hunt also shared his current thoughts on the state of the New York Jets, the likelihood of the team targeting a quarterback early… Read more

JetNation Prospect Profile: Washington OT Roger Rosengarten

Since the end of the 2023 college football season, Washington offensive tackle Roger Rosengarten has been doing himself plenty of favors as he tries to climb draft boards around the league.  Impressive showings at the Senior Bowl and NFL combine should be forcing teams to take a closer look.  With that in mind, we’ll do… Read more

Potential Impact of Aaron Rodgers Rumored Political Adventures

Aaron Rodgers is a neverending media circus these days. It does seem that the political talk has died down, and hopefully we can concentrate on football again. Whether the rumors are true or not, it begs the question: could Aaron Rodgers play for the Jets while running for Vice President? That’s right. The current quarterback… Read more

Four 2023 Joe Douglas Mistakes That he Can’t Repeat in 2024

Any objective look at Joe Douglas will tell you that the Jets GM has done some good and bad at the helm for Gang Green.  As is the case with any GM in the history (and future) of the NFL, there are plenty of misses, but there are also more high level hits than you… Read more

Price tag for new Jets DT Javon Kinlaw Should Raise Eyebrows

When it was announced just a couple of days ago that the Jets had signed free agent defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw, the move was met with a lukewarm response.  A veteran player for what many likely assumed to be a couple of million dollars. Yes, there are holes to be filled at defensive tackle for… Read more

Are Jets Fans Being Prepped for Free Agency Flop?

While Jets fans are fired up about the start of free agency in just a few days, some ominous tweets have been fired off by Jets beat writers that could be preparing fans for a free agency flop.  In a story that couldn’t look more like a line that came directly from the team, Connor… Read more

Joe Douglas Betting on Himself With Bryce Huff Compensation

If the rumors we’ve heard in recent days are true, it’s fair to say Jets GM Joe Douglas his betting on himself when it comes to the Jets contract situation with edge rusher Bryce Huff.  Two stories that broke this week put Douglas under the microscope. First, a story from The Athletic claimed the Jets could be… Read more

Report: Jets Retain Safety Chuck Clark on 1-Year Deal

NFL insider Adam Schefter is reporting that the New York Jets are retaining safety Chuck Clark who missed all of last season. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1766852761977557250 Previously considered an NFL “iron man” for having played in 49 of 49 games over the previous three seasons, Clark never found his way onto the field as a Jet.  After coming… Read more

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