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Narrative Surrounding O-Line Starts to Shift; Jets Hope Zach is Next

For quite some time now the prevailing narrative surrounding the Jets O-line has been that GM Joe Douglas was a flop.  Dubbed an “O-line guy”, the GM failed miserably in assembling a competent group of blockers up front. In reality, what Douglas had done was add talented players to replace those he inherited.  But a… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) – Week 5

JetNation NFL Power Rankings 2023 Week Five 1. Philadelphia Eagles (4-0) Last Week: 1 The Eagles seem capable of scoring whenever they need to, but they are struggling to maintain their focus for a full 60 minutes. The hangover from last year’s Super Bowl seems to still be in effect in Philadelphia. The question is… Read more

Even at 1 and 3, There are Reasons for Optimism

The NY Jets fell to 1-3 Sunday night, but there are reasons for optimism. Zach Wilson had the best game of his career.  Wilson’s performance saved him, and us, from enduring a painful game of musical chairs at quarterback. If Wilson fell flat again, there is no way Robert Saleh could have held off on… Read more

NY Jets Defense, Zach Wilson & NFL Thoughts

In Nick Ferraro’s latest analysis, he delves into the multiple issues plaguing the NY Jets defense, and he highlights the career-saving performance by Zach Wilson. Ferraro also offers insights into league-wide trends and what they mean for the Jets moving forward. There’s more wrong with the Jets defense than just being on the field a lot… Read more

Was Aaron Rodgers Unprepared for Exposure to Frustrated Jets Fans?

Before Aaron Rodgers had to sit and watch the New York Jets get off to a 1-2 start this season, his limited exposure to Jets fans consisted of upbeat, enthusiastic an incredibly supportive bunch who were as pumped as a fan base could be for football.  Rodgers and the Jets could say or do no… Read more

NY Jets vs KC Chiefs: Previewing the Matchup From a Bettors Perspective

Welcome to our NY Jets vs KC Chiefs Betting Preview. As the New York Jets prepare to host the Kansas City Chiefs, all eyes are on the quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Zach Wilson. With Wilson’s performance being historically poor this season, can he turn things around against the Chiefs’ formidable defense? Here are key insights… Read more

The Most Important Marriage at 1 Jets Drive is Not the One You’re Thinking Of

When it comes to offensive football at 1 Jets Drive in 2023, there are several key areas you can point to and know they just aren’t working properly for the Jets. The most obvious one being personnel usage.   More specifically, sticking with veterans rather than playing the younger players with far more upside. Then you… Read more

102 Passes; The Trey Lance & Zach Wilson Story

The San Francisco 49ers are a very good team. The 49ers made it to the NFC Championship game last season. They sit at 3-0 after a blow-out win in week three, and they are a favorite to contend again for a Super Bowl berth. They have a very good defense some very nice offensive weapons… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) – Week 4

As we head into Week 4 of the NFL season, the landscape is starting to take shape. The Eagles and 49ers remain undefeated, while teams like the Chiefs and Bills are finding their groove. Meanwhile, the Jets make a quarterback switch in a desperate attempt to salvage their season. Here’s a closer look at the… Read more

Trevor Siemian, Tim Boyle & NFL Thoughts

Here are some thoughts on Trevor Siemian, Tim Boyle and other NFL thoughts from around the league. Trevor Siemian isn’t very good, but he doesn’t stink in an historical way like Zach Wilson. Robert Saleh is on record saying the Jets will stick with Zach Wilson. I am on record saying if Sieman or Tim… Read more

Cimini: Jets Locker Room not Happy With Saleh Protecting Zach Wilson

The ongoing struggles of Zach Wilson are well documented at this point and head coach Robert Saleh isn’t helping his locker room by protecting the young quarterback.  This, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN New York. On the latest episode of his flight deck podcast, Cimini says he “knows for a fact” that there is tension in… Read more

JetNation Forums Are Back Online; NY Jets News

We’re thrilled to announce that the JetNation forums are back online! After an escalated support ticket from Invision Power Board, they were able to help us resolve the technical issues that were affecting access to the forums. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your patience and understanding during this… Read more

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