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Featured Editorials

Featured Editorials

Top Story Lines to Follow as Gang Green Off-Season Approaches

Jets GM Joe Douglas has his work cut out for himself in the coming months in his first go-around in [...]

Featured Editorials

Bless Austin Sits; Other Game Notes By KRL

In a defensive struggle that had a playoff feel the Jets put a major dent in PIT hopes with a [...]

Featured Editorials Jets Report Card

Jets Upset Steelers 16-10; Week 16 Report Card

Hoping to upset the Steelers in front of what was essentially a road crowd in their own stadium, the Jets [...]

Featured Editorials Jets Videos

What is it Going to Take to Get the Jets Over the Mountain?

Greenbean is on the road again and this week he talks about what it is going to take to get [...]

Featured Editorials

Jets win on Sunday Could Result in Draft Position Free Fall

Some fans root for a win every week no matter what, while other fans value draft position as soon as [...]

Featured Editorials

Look for Gregg Williams to Turn up Heat on Rookie QB Hodges

In a season that hasn’t seen the new York Jets have a whole lot go their way, defensive coordinator Gregg [...]

Featured Editorials

As Former top Exec in Philly, How are Joe Douglas Drafts With Eagles Looking Today?

From a fan perspective, one of the nice things about having your team hire a top executive from another club [...]

Featured Editorials Game Recap

Jets Fall To Ravens; KRL Game Notes

If you’re looking for the usual “the sky is falling”, “fire everybody” hot takes after a Jet loss you’re looking [...]

Featured Editorials Jets Videos

How Jets Fans View Sam Darnold

This week Greenbean is at home and he is talking about how Sam Darnold is viewed by Jets fans. Jets [...]

Featured Editorials Jet News

Report: Jets Could Look to Deal Bell and Adams This Off Season

While the New York Jets are in need of several upgrades on offense (and a couple spots on defense), there’s [...]