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Featured Editorials

Sorry, Sam! New Year Should Mean the end for Adam Gase AND Sam Darnold

In the coming days, the New York Jets are expected to part ways with the worst head coach the franchise [...]

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A Long Look at the Good, the bad and the Ugly for Jets With new Beginning on Horizon

Your common sense as a football fan told you that it was going to happen all year, but now multiple [...]

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JetNation Power Ranking (Top 10) Week 16

Kansas City Chiefs (14-1) – The Chiefs will be home for the playoffs. It’s hard to come up with valid [...]

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Carton: Adam Gase is Gone

Craig Carton gave an update on the move everyone has known was coming for quite some time. According to Carton, [...]

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NFL & NFLPA Covid-19 Monitoring Testing Results

The National Football League and NFL Players Association today announced the COVID-19 monitoring testing results for December 20 – December [...]

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NFL Coach Opening Tracker Thread

There is always so much useful information in the Jet Nation forums. I wanted to share this thread which was [...]

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Frank Gore to sit out Week 17 After Reaching Personal Milestone

Despite being ranked last on his own team in yards per carry this season, 37-year-old Frank Gore got the majority [...]

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Some Young Players Starting To Stand Out

Who saw this win coming? Back to back wins against two playoff teams after 13 straight losses? I was furious [...]

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Week Sixteen Preview; Have the Football Gods set the Jets up for Second Win?

When the Jets took on and defeated the 9-4 Los Angeles Rams last week, it was Adam Gase’s Super Bowl.  [...]