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Jets Bring Lineman Back to Practice Squad Following Schweitzer Concussion

Jets head coach Robert Saleh told reporters earlier today that offensive lineman Wes Schweitzer would not be active on Sunday after suffering a concussion and made a practice squad move as a result.  It was apparently at practice yesterday that saw Schweitzer take a blow to the head. In a move to possibly cover for… Read more

Is Sunday’s Contest vs Patriots the Biggest Game of Zach Wilson’s Young Career?

Since being drafted out of BYU with the second overall pick of the 2021 NFL draft, plenty has been said about the play of Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.  Of late, almost all of it negative.  With few exceptions, almost all of it true.  The narrative surrounding Wilson has taken on a life of its own… Read more

Are There Must-Win Games In Week 3? Jets vs Patriots Predictions

It’s hard to know what to expect now. Expectations were sky-high before the first game. Things are very different with Aaron Rodgers out, but how much different is hard to say. Dallas looks like the class of the league thus far. I didn’t expect that the Cowboys would be playing this well. The Dallas defense… Read more

Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson & NFL Thoughts

Here are Jets and NFL thoughts after the tough loss to the Dallas Cowboys in week 2. I don’t know if the Jets can win that game, even if Aaron Rodgers was able to play. That’s a tough trip, no matter what. Dallas is for real, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) – Week 3

Week Two of the 2023 NFL season has given us plenty to talk about, from dominant performances to shocking upsets. As we head into Week Three, we’ve put together our NFL Power Rankings, the top teams you should be keeping an eye on. The Eagles are soaring but facing concerns on pass defense, while the… Read more

Too Early for Jets Fans to Worry About Red Flags Through Week two?

With the 1-1 New York Jets coming off of an embarrassing 30-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, is it too early for Jets fans to worry about some alarming performances from key players?  With no additional factors to consider, worrying after two games would be absurd.  However, in considering factors such as age, injury history… Read more

Jets Curious Approach on Offense Leaves tons of Questions Marks

The Jets curious approach on offense against the Dallas Cowboys last night makes one wonder.  Did the team’s coaching staff get together after their thrilling win against the Buffalo Bills, review the game film to identify what worked best, and say “let’s not do any of that again”? https://youtu.be/RtlHjVoXSMg?si=7vZDFUtmzzzYTctb In a game that was supposed… Read more

Did Jets Opener Reveal Shift in Defensive Philosophy?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the New York Jets did something against the Buffalo Bills in their season opener that may have revealed a shift in defensive philosophy that some fans will like the sound of.  Now, of course there’s a chance that it was simply a one-time occurrence, but it seems the Jets went… Read more

Defiant Aaron Rodgers Tells Doubters to “Give me Your Doubts and Then Watch What I do

As if Jets fans couldn’t be any more excited to hear that future Hall of Fame Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is planning on coming back next season, now they’ve heard a defiant Aaron Rodgers speak up.  Appearing on the Pat McAfee show and asked about those who doubt him, Rodgers sounded like a man on a… Read more

Aaron Rodgers Confirms Surgery is Done and Went Well

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers took to Instagram on Thursday to let the world know that his achilles surgery is complete and to offer high praise for the team that performed his surgery.  Rodgers tore the achilles on Monday night at home against the Buffalo Bills.  While fans anxiously awaited any update on Rodgers’ future plans… Read more

Aaron Rodgers Injury Places Hackett Under Microscope

Be honest, Jets fans.  If you endured Jets football in the early 2000’s when Paul Hackett was the team’s offensive coordinator, you were less than thrilled to hear Gang Green had hired his son Nathaniel to fill that same role in 2023.  No, the younger Hackett wasn’t responsible for the mundane offenses of 2001-2004, but… Read more

Breece Hall Running at a Record Setting Pace

It was just another day at the office that had Jets running back Breece Hall running at a record setting pace in going back to last season when he exploded on to the scene as a rookie.  After averaging 5.8 yards per rush and 11.5 yards per reception in 2022, Hall was entering this year… Read more

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