Top 3 Favorites for Super Bowl LVI

The NFL pre-season is now in full swing. Teams are working on their fundamentals, game plans, and who will be on the 53-man roster when week one rolls around. At this time of year, many media outlets give out their super early Super Bowl predictions. At the time of writing on, the Super Bowl… Read more

Could Another Team Steal Trevor Lawrence Away From The Jets?

Weeks ago, FS1 Sports’ Skip Bayless dropped the ultimate conspiracy theory. Bayless described the Dallas Cowboys 25-3 loss to the Washington Football Team as a “nightmare.” Bayless tweeted the line when the Cowboys found themselves trailing 15-3. The game was never close and the Cowboys were outplayed in virtually every aspect of the game.  Bayless… Read more

5 NFL Players Who Defied the Aging Process

Football is hardly a game that promotes longevity. Players are literally risking their necks and incur numerous concussions during every single play. However, there are some positions that lend themselves to the players who are able to build long-lasting legacies. Quarterbacks get more protection from anyone else on the field and kickers just have to make… Read more

Can the Jets Learn Anything from Last Season?

The New York Jets had a 2018 to forget, going 4-12 in the AFC East on their way to a fourth-place finish. That statistic, combined with the franchise’s 5-10-1 record against the spread ultimately cost head coach Todd Bowles his job. Former Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase is the man charged with steering the Jets… Read more

Is It Crazy To Take A Flier On The New York Jets To Win The Super Bowl?

Before you scoff in disgust at such a crazy notion, it is worth checking out the odds first. According to, the odds on the New York Jets winning Super Bowl LIII are 150:1 (as of June 5). The longest odds in the league. Yes, even the Cleveland Browns have better odds this season than… Read more

Waves of change hit the NY Jets amidst Odd Pundits incredulity

The New York Jets have seen important changes happen since the very beginning of the previous season, and it appears these upgrades will continue during the pre and regular 2018 periods for the overall betterment of the team. Head Coach Bowles envisioned a much younger and energetic roster, devoid of all the stale elements that… Read more

Legalizing Sports Betting

Sports betting has existed since time immemorial. Wagering money or something of value on the outcome of a game has always been an exciting gambling process for sports lovers, adding more fun and fervor to the game. The bets can be simple like selecting the outcome of the game or more complex in-game proposition bets… Read more

Jets Could Improve Record Against Slumping Chiefs

Jets Could Improve Record Against Slumping Chiefs The Disappointing Slump Despite a three-game slide, the Kansas City Chiefs still stand on top of the AFC West. This is all thanks to one of the most incredible starts in franchise history. In the beginning, it looked as though they would mechanically drill their way through the… Read more

Five Most Valuable Football Teams in the World

The 5 most valuable football teams in the world are indeed worth a staggering amount of money. American football is a sport that is primarily popular within the United States. It doesn’t have that much of a following outside of the United States, in fact. As such, it is even more impressive that these teams… Read more

Backing the Jets! How to beat the odds as a loyal fan

The off-season is in full force for the New York Jets. Jets fans can now exhale as the Patriots season is over and the Super Bowl opponents are set. Sit back and relax watching the Denver Broncos vs the Carolina Panthers.  The Jets are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL with their… Read more

NFL Expands Sponsor Inventory: Teams May Sell To Casinos

A few years ago, NFL teams were allowed to sell advertisements to casinos in their home markets. The advertisements were limited to the upper-bowl category only. Many expected a great change in sales but that did not materialize. The link between NFL teams and casinos generated revenues which increased over the years. The NFL has… Read more

2015/2016 NFL New York Jets Outlook – What Say The Bookies?

With Bowles’ taking over as head coach of the New York Jets under new general manager Mike Maccagnan, the Jets will surely be less chaotic and entertaining, but the real question is whether these New York Jets will be better than those last year? In order to answer that question, we have to include several… Read more

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