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Waves of change hit the NY Jets amidst Odd Pundits incredulity

The New York Jets have seen important changes happen since the very beginning of the previous season, and it appears these upgrades will continue during the pre and regular 2018 periods for the overall betterment of the team. Head Coach Bowles envisioned a much younger and energetic roster, devoid of all the stale elements that were dragging New York down to the pits of ignominy and he’s half way through achieving his goals. As we wait for the NFL Draft to unfold in the coming days, we may now start preparing ourselves for the challenges set for the early weeks of the yearly action calendar.

A hope of change for the Jets?

Sadly, the Jets remain at the bottom of the hopes of odds makers in the outright win category, with fractional odds at 150 to 1. Nevertheless, New York is poised to set a better final record during 2018, which should be able to contrast the unflattering 5-10 obtained last year. Particular areas will require a special deal of attention, including the resolution of the Quarterback dilemma, the establish of a stouter defense line and the improvement in the passing game. The Jets have failed monumentally to convert plays into actual touchdowns, and this weighted heavily on their performance in recent times.

Tall expectations for a new Jets quarterback

In reality, it’s remains improbable that Mike MacCagan’s team would be able to make a dramatic 180 degrees spin, but we ought to remain optimistic and give the Jets the necessary leeway to allow Todd Bowls to execute his plan. The starting weeks of the regular season present New York with an interesting line up of away games; if the Jets are able to withstand the foreign turf pressure, later home-bound games might help them to round up their straight-up records for the remainder of the season. The question of the Quarterback post is one that will be answered in some time, but it is very likely that Josh McCown will take on the role in the first stages; perhaps, New York may be able to land Baker Mayfield or some other aggressive rookie that could displace McGown entirely. With this much uncertainty, you might want to get in the action and he good news is you will find valuable odds insight and the finest sports betting picks from, as well as excellent rewards to help you step up your football action. It’s crucial to know the ins and outs of the game so before putting down any of your hard earned cash on your favorite team, make sure that you understand how likely a win is and what different spreads of victories and losses would look like.

After 5 weeks of preseason that will have the Jets do battle with the Falcons, Redskins, Giants and Eagles in quick succession, New York will face a tough Monday Night showdown with the Detroit Lions, which will also serve as the acting debut for former New England assistant Matt Patricia. Next come the Miami Dolphins on Sept. 16th, followed by a match with the Cleveland Browns on the 20th, which the Jets should  be able to comfortably win. All we can do for now is hope for the best and prep up our online betting accounts in time for the kickoff. See you next time!

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