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Futures Bets to Consider (or Avoid) for the NY Jets

With each loss, the New York Jets season continues to slip away. With it becoming increasingly more difficult to watch the games with an optimistic point of view, the question becomes of what is there to look forward to or root for when watching these games. The likelihood of a top-three pick is gone, and… Read more

The Jets Playoff Chances this Season

It has been lean times for Jets fans without a playoff appearance since a 2010 defeat to the Steelers. In fact, it is the longest stretch without a playoff appearance in the team’s history, and fans are beginning to grow impatient. The 12-year drought the Jets are experiencing is the longest record across all four… Read more

Tippmann and Rodgers: The Power Players Behind the New York Jets Elite Offensive Strategy

After finishing fourth in the AFC East in 2022, the New York Jets aren’t messing around. Jets’ general manager Joe Douglas went all-in this offseason, trading for aging Green Bay Packers legend Aaron Rodgers for a first-round pick swap, a second-round pick, and a late-round pick swap. While Jets fans may look at the move… Read more

Are New York Jets Fans Feeling Optimistic?

It’s been a while since New York Jets fans had something to look forward to every season. But even though not many analysts or insiders trusted them to be better this year, it seems like Robert Saleh has finally started turning the culture around. We all know the Jets had a strong offseason and Joe… Read more

Will the Jets Have a Pro-Bowler This Season?

A long off-season, which includes the NFL draft, mini-camp end when training camp begins. Summer practices, pre-season football, and then the games count.  Ultimately there is only one winner of each NFL season. While every player dreams of holding the Lombardi trophy, few have the honor. There is a small consolation prize in the form… Read more

Football Betting Strategies

Getting familiar with the football betting strategies Getting familiar with betting strategies can be quite fun, and betting on your favorite team is even more so. You just need to make sure to do some preparations before jumping into a bet. It is always a big plus to be a fan in betting as you… Read more

Saleh On Why He Didn’t Attend the Combine

The New York Jets and Giants aren’t supposed to be on the same page about most things. Despite both representing New York, they’re very much competitors and one would love nothing more than to see the other fail while going on to find Super Bowl success. The teams do have plenty in common. They share… Read more

Sheldon Rankins upbeat about New York Jets’ 2022 season

New York Jets defensive tackle, Sheldon Rankins, believes that the Jets have made a lot of progress. Rankins comes on the back of his first season with the Jets. So far, the signing of Rankins has been a good one, as the former New Orleans Saint man managed to stay relatively healthy last season. That… Read more

Ex-Jets in the 2022 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, with the Los Angeles Rams going head to head with the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Feb 13. These two teams have endured a long season and put on some thrilling performances during the playoffs and will now put it all on the line for a chance to… Read more

Super Bowl Half Time Show

It’s official! The lineup for the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show features two sign language performers! As one of the most popular events of the year, the Super Bowl halftime show has always been a privilege for music performers. Last year, the fans at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL had the opportunity to enjoy… Read more

Patrick Mahomes Reacts to Tom Brady Retirement

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes is considered by many as being a player with a very bright future, but the chances the Chiefs star can achieve anything like what Tom Brady has is another matter. Mahomes and his Chiefs looked to be on course for a third successive Super Bowl before they were surprisingly defeated… Read more

Could Another Team Steal Trevor Lawrence Away From The Jets?

Weeks ago, FS1 Sports’ Skip Bayless dropped the ultimate conspiracy theory. Bayless described the Dallas Cowboys 25-3 loss to the Washington Football Team as a “nightmare.” Bayless tweeted the line when the Cowboys found themselves trailing 15-3. The game was never close and the Cowboys were outplayed in virtually every aspect of the game.  Bayless… Read more

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